How to develop the right betting strategy?

How to develop the right betting strategy?

Sports rating strategies without wastage are a myth if you expect 100% winnings. Or the truth, if you rationally approach their principles, achieving the growth of the Bank. But before a novice or experienced player can switch from ratting, you need to choose your reliable bookmaker. Take at least 1xBet bookmaker, which has established itself as a reliable platform with guaranteed honest payments.

So what strategy should you choose and whether you need it, you will be able to understand for yourself after reading this article.

Why strategy plays a key role in ratting

Sports ratting policy is a certain algorithm of actions that is aimed at making a profit by ratting. As examples, if you managed to multiply your bank by 25% in a month, congratulations, your strategy is working.

But as a rule, newcomers to the world of big rates are like blind kittens: they seem to understand everything, but they don’t know what to do. And most often they act completely illogically, which subsequently leads to large financial losses.

How do I develop the right bid strategy?

If you are looking for a policy that will bring you a good income in 100% of cases – unfortunately, there are no such strategies. The only way not to lose at a bookmaker is to refuse to bet at all.

But if you are not ready for rises and downs, then I will share with you 5 strategies that work perfectly on the 1xBet India platform.

  1. Flat or “strategy with minimal risk”

This strategy implies the same and constant bet size.

  1. The Strategy of the D’alembert

This is one of the most widespread policies among beginners. You must select a specific bid amount and mark it as a unit. If you lose, increase the amount by one, and if you win, reduce the next bet.

  1. The Danish strategy

It is most often used in the 1xBet football niche, because it is much easier to prophesy the result of a football match. The main drawback is that if the first 4 bets are lost, then it will be more difficult to make a income further.

  1. Strategy of the Cell Criterion

This strategy is based on a complex mathematical calculation and is most often used by professionals. It is based on a deep knowledge of sports, their own Analytics and statistics.

  1. Tank attack policy

Again, this is one of the most widespread policies in football, which is recommended for use by 1xBet Bookmaker Company during football Championships or simultaneous football matches. It consists in placing rates to varying degrees in different matches or in the same but for periods.


The main thing is not to forget that rates and excitement are perfectly compatible things. They warm up the feelings of sports fans, but for ratting, for the purpose of profit, excitement is unacceptable. Decide what is important for you — the pleasure of the game or the increase in the Bank. And remember that even the best policy does not guarantee a constant profit in betting.