Rishi Sunak will BAN clubs from joining the European Super League

Rishi Sunak will BAN English clubs from joining the European Super League after new bombshell plans are revealed… as the Government vows to bring forward bill to create football’s new independent regulator

  •  Several top clubs across Europe have condemned the new Super League plans
  •  The Government has vowed to stop any English club that tries to get involved
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Rishi Sunak and the Government have vowed to ban Premier League clubs from competing in the European Super League, after the breakaway competition unveiled its new plans on Thursday.

The European Court of Justice ruled that UEFA and FIFA were found to have acted against competition law by blocking of the creation of a European Super League in 2021.

The decision prompted European Super League backers A22 to reveal their revised proposal, which includes both men’s and women’s competitions as well as promotion and relegation. 

The fresh format, which was unveiled by A22 CEO Bernd Reichart, was immediately rejected by clubs including Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid.

Manchester United and the rest of the Premier League’s ‘big six’ sparked fury from their own supporters in 2021 after secretly agreeing to the initial European Super League plans. The clubs later backed out of the plans following extreme backlash.

Rishi Sunak and the Government have promised to ban Premier League clubs from competing in the European Super League, after the breakaway competition unveiled its new proposal

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Ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed to stop English clubs from joining the initial European Super League after fans were outraged by the Premier League’s ‘big six’ secretly agreeing to it

Fans turned out in full force to protest the announcement of the ‘closed’ league in April 2021

Although the European Court of Justice’s bombshell ruling is a huge boost for supporters of the European Super League, Rishi Sunak urged that the Football Governance Bill – a forthcoming legislation – would be used to ban British clubs from participating in a new league. 

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed to block the European Super League during its initial attempted launch in 2021.

UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport released a statement on Thursday to condemn the revised plans.

It read: ‘The attempt to create a breakaway competition was a defining moment in English football and was universally condemned by fans, clubs and the Government.

‘We took decisive action at the time by triggering the fan-led review of football governance, which called for the creation of a new independent regulator for English football.

‘We will shortly be bringing forward legislation that makes this a reality, and will stop clubs from joining any similar breakaway competitions in the future.’

Senior Conservative MP Dame Caroline Dineage – chair of the culture, media and sport select committee – warned the Premier League’s ‘big six’ clubs not to get involved with the new European Super League plans. 

‘The announcement of the European Super League in 2021 prioritised finances over fans, and any revival of it isn’t in the interests of English football,’ she said.

Manchester United have turned their back on Thursday’s revised European Super League plan

The new plan for the European Super League was revealed by A22 CEO Bernd Reichart (above)


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‘Whatever the legal ramifications of this judgment, I hope that English clubs will have learnt from the reaction in 2021, and will be focused on fan engagement and the much-needed football governance reforms that the government has promised.’

English Football Supporters’ Association chief executive Kevin Miles added: ‘There is no place for an ill-conceived breakaway super league.

‘Supporters, players and clubs have already made clear they don’t want a stitched-up competition – we all want to see the trigger pulled on the walking dead monstrosity that is the European Zombie League.

‘While the corpse might continue to twitch in the European courts, no English side will be joining. The incoming independent regulator will block any club from competing in domestic competition if they join a breakaway super league.’

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