How to win at Lucky Joker

How to win at Lucky Joker

Many players who are just starting their journey in the world of online gambling often ask themselves the question: is it possible to win at an online casino? Yes, with good strategy in mind, this is possible. The Internet is replete with cases when players managed to win large sums in online slots. How to become one of the lucky ones whom fortune smiled and welcomes?

How to Play and Win Real Money in Lucky Joker Slot

Each video slot is characterized by RTP – an indicator of what percentage of all bets made is returned to players in the form of winnings. In the Lucky Joker game, this indicator is quite high and exceeds 90%. Therefore, winning real money in this slot is quite simple. The main thing is to play consciously and stick to a strategy. And which one is up to you, we will consider some of the most famous and profitable ones.

Minimal risk or long-distance play

This strategy is sometimes called the Parlay tactic. It is applicable not only in the game Lucky Joker, but also in other video slots. It is suitable for those players who do not like excessive risk and who want to minimize losses when spinning the reels. At the same time, playing at a long distance, Parlay will help to significantly increase the deposit and get regular winnings. The minimum risk strategy in the game Lucky Joker allows you to win real money due to the fact that the player does not spend the entire deposit at once due to the fact that after each unsuccessful spin the bet is reduced by 2 times. 

Stealth Tactics in Lucky Joker Slot

Knowing the algorithms of virtual casinos will help you win in online slots. It has long been proven that slots collect data about the behavior of players, and after analyzing the patterns of behavior, the system recognizes a person and starts a mechanism in which the player, although he receives winnings, is much less likely to win large amount of money. Perhaps you have noticed that if you play the same slot machine for a long time, the winnings come less often than if you just started? In Lucky Joker, a similar principle is noticed, which can be bypassed in two ways. Firstly, the player can clean Cookies on his device every 2-3 spins. Secondly, after 10-15 unsuccessful spins of the reels, it is useful to play another slot, and so on several times. These actions confuse the algorithms and do not allow the system to predict the actions of the player, thereby increasing the risk of receiving large winnings. 

Ladder strategy in the Lucky Joker slot

The ladder offers the gambler to “play” with the size of the bet – for example, once every 3-4 spins, the bet should be reduced or increased by 2 or 3 times, and see if the winnings begin to fall out. If not, the change in bet size may be more significant. This principle is also designed to “deceive” the algorithms and increase the chance of large sums falling out.

The described strategies should not be taken as the only correct guide to action, these are just repeated observations of the players. Perhaps you will come up with your own strategy on how to play and win at Lucky Joker and be able to earn real money in this slot. Try and good luck, because luck loves the brave players!