Rubiales sends FIFA footage of Hermoso laughing about kiss

Luis Rubiales sends FIFA newly-revealed footage of Jenni Hermoso laughing about his kiss – as source close to the under-fire Spanish football chief says the video is ‘gold dust’ for his case

  • New footage has showed Jenni Hermoso joking with her Spain team-mates
  • Hermoso is shown to be laughing at memes of her being kissed by Luis Rubiales
  • Rubiales has since been given  90-day ban from all football activity by FIFA
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Under-fire Spanish football chief Luis Rubiales has sent FIFA a copy of newly released footage showing the women’s football team celebrating and joking about his infamous kiss. 

The clip was uploaded on to X, formerly Twitter, by journalist Alvise Perez and in it Jenni Hermoso can be seen laughing at a meme of her being kissed by Rubiales.

He has since been given a 90-day ban by FIFA and Spain are looking to kick him out of his role, but he has defiantly refused to quit and even his mum has gone on hunger strike to defend him. 

Now it has emerged he has sent the video to FIFA HQ to try and clear his name and a source close to him told MailOnline: ‘This video is gold dust for Rubiales.

‘All along we have said for Jenni to tell the truth. There was no sexual assault. If there was why was she laughing and joking?

Hermoso appears to show off a meme on her phone comparing being kissed by Rubiales with former Spanish international Iker Casillas locking lips with reporter Sara Carbonero

Some of Hermoso’s team-mates begin to chant ‘beso’ in Spanish which is translated to ‘kiss’

Hermoso (right) recreates how she was hugged by Rubiales on the podium in Sydney

Spain’s football federation has previously shown their support for Luis Rubiales over the incident

Rubiales (right) has been banned by FIFA’s disciplinary committee for an initial 90 days following his conduct after the Women’s World Cup final, which saw him kiss Hermoso on the lips

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‘She waited more than three days to make a complaint, if she was that offended why not say something straight away and why joke about it with team mates?’

Meanwhile, it has also been confirmed that his mum Angeles Bejar, 72, who has been on hunger strike since Monday in the Divina Patrona church in his hometown of Motril, will have a ‘revolving’ circle of support.

Initially she was joined by her sister-in-law Mari Carmen Sanchez but she left early today and has now been replaced by her sister.

A town hall official said: ‘The family have told us of their intentions and another relative swapped places on Wednesday but Angeles will remain inside the church.

‘There is no immediate intention of removing her and she has been checked by a doctor. It is up to her how long she stayed there.’

Suspended Spanish FA chief Rubiales is seeking to defend himself against allegations he committed sexual aggression.

Hermoso was filmed laughing out loud as she showed off a screen grab on her mobile featuring the now-infamous kiss just over a week ago, alongside a photo of former Spanish international Iker Casillas locking lips with reporter and his then-girlfriend Sara Carbonero as she interviewed him live after the men’s team won the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Days later, Hermoso denounced it as a ‘sexist act’ that left her vulnerable.

Another woman on the team bus was overheard laughing: ‘Like Iker and Sarah’ as Jenni continued to show off her phone.

And a second unidentified female said: ‘Long live the story’ as the player now being urged by Luis’ hunger-striking mum Angeles Bejar to tell the truth drank Cava straight from a bottle.

Jenni, who is being invited by state prosecutors to second a potential criminal prosecution of Rubiales over his controversial action, continued to grin as she responded: ‘Haven’t you seen it?’ before indicating how the kiss which has sparked the ‘Kissgate’ scandal occurred.

Many of Jenni’s 23 team-mates who have said they will refuse to play again for the national team until Rubiales is history, were then filmed singing ‘Beso, beso’ – Spanish for ‘Kiss, Kiss’ – as the suspended football chief got on the bus before telling the women jokingly: ‘Stop, you’re making me blush!’

The leaked footage appeared alongside the hard-hitting message: ‘Let’s begin @Jennihermoso.

1) Why were you showing off with your teammates and posing as you laughed with the meme of your short kiss with Rubiales?

2) Why are all your team-mates who now say they’re scandalised shouting with you at Rubiales ‘Kiss’ on the bus after seeing the peck on the lips?

3) Why did you ask Rubiales jokingly for a kiss on the bus, and why did you laugh when he replied, ‘No, you’re making me blush?’

‘I don’t want you to ‘say the truth’ because Spain today knows it.

‘I want you to go to prison.’

The moment that Rubiales (right) kissed Hermoso (left) after Spain had won the Women’s World Cup

Rubiales is later welcomed onto the team coach to chants of ‘president’ by players

The tweet finished with hashtags including one that said in Spanish: ‘Take note state prosecution service’ and another that said: ‘Confess Jenni.’

As well as putting the ball firmly back in the Spanish player’s court, the video footage is also likely to be of great use to Rubiales in defending himself against any future prosecution.

Hermoso claimed in a statement released last week, days after the team bus footage now emerging was taken, in which she denied Rubiales’ claim the post-match kiss was agreed during a brief conversion between the pair: ‘I felt vulnerable and a victim of an impulse-driven, sexist, out of place act without any consent on my part.

‘I want to make it clear that at no time did the conversation to which Mr. Luis Rubiales refers to in his address take place, and, above all, was his kiss ever consensual. I want to reiterate as I did before that I did not like this incident.’

Hermoso released a lengthy statement on social media in response to the incident

Spain’s far right political party Vox, attempted to cash in on ‘Kissgate’ by accusing the ruling left wing of government of using the scandal for its own purpose.

In a statement they said: ‘We denounce the political and media hunt to which Mr. Rubiales is being personally subjected.

‘And we refuse to buy the story of the Left that seeks to hide the failure of the Yes is Yes (consent) law and whitewash those who have promoted it, causing the mass release of sex offenders.

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‘For this reason, in the face of the institutional declarations condemning Mr. Rubiales promoted by the left, in VOX, we are clear that all this controversy has been generated by the Sanchez government and its media outlets to hide the great problems in which Spain is mired.

‘With common sense you can distinguish what is rude or bad manners from what is a crime, and we know how to distinguish it.’

Rubiales’ mum Angeles Bejar is nearly 48 hours into a hunger strike at a church in Motril near Malaga where her son grew up.

She has demanded Jenni tell the truth amid accusations she has become a pawn in a battle between Rubiales and enemies who were rooting to oust him over earlier controversies and seized on the kiss to try to destroy him.

Speaking from the inside of the church last night where she began her surprise protest on Monday morning the 72-year-old said, referring to Jenni: ‘I just want the truth to be told.

‘She knows my son is very honest. If she tells the truth everything will be fixed.’

Speaking of the World Cup kiss that has led to the so-called ‘Kissgate’ scandal, she added: ‘It was an anecdote, as she herself said, and look how far it’s gone.

‘She should have a conscience and act according to it.

‘My son is very worried and has asked me not to continue, to stop, but I will be here until I drop and my body can continue.’

Other footage has shown Rubiales lifting his own weight off the ground (left) and into the arms of Jenni Hermoso, which goes against claims by the Spanish FA that she picked him up

A cousin of Luis, speaking on Monday outside the church as she also referenced Hermoso, said: ‘What’s not normal is that this woman is overjoyed because she and her team have won the World Cup and three days later she’s saying she’s been sexually assaulted.

‘Are we all mad! Luis knows his mum is locked inside the church and he’s suffering because of it.

‘But his mum know what’s he like and so we do and we all know what he’s like. If he was like the person he’s being portrayed as, we’d be the first to stitch up our mouths and bow our heads.

‘But when something’s been said that’s not true, you cannot keep quiet in the face of an injustice.’


Photograph 1

The RFEF argue that Rubiales’ arms are only loosely on Hermoso’s back in this photo, meaning he could ‘exert no force’, and that his heels are raised

The above image shows Rubiales smiling as he embraces Hermoso, with one hand on top of her head and the other on her back. 

In explanation, the RFEF states: ‘Ms. Jennifer Hermoso, with her arms, grabs the RFEF President from behind, while Mr. President has his arms loose on the upper part of the player’s back. Therefore, no force could exert.

‘You can see how Mr. President has the heels of his feet raised slightly.’ 

 Photograph 2

Here, the RFEF maintains that Hermoso keeps her arms around the president and that his heels are raised. Only one of Hermoso’s arms and one of Rubiales’ feet are visible

In the second image, Rubiales’ upper arm has moved lower down Hermoso’s head.

The RFEF explains: ‘Ms. Jennifer Hermoso keeps her arms around Mr. President’s back. Mr. President keeps his arms on top of the player’s body.

‘It is verified how Mr. President already has much higher heels.’

Only one of Rubiales’ feet is visible in the photo.

 Photograph 3

The RFEF writes that ‘Mr. President’s feet are clearly and manifestly lifted off the ground as a result of the action of force carried out by the player’

This third image, with Rubiales lifted off the ground, is where the RFEF’s statement ramps up in vehemence and attributes responsibility to Hermoso.

The RFEF states: ‘Mrs. Jennifer Hermoso continues to keep her arms in the same position as the president’s body while the president must bring his arms closer to the player’s back as a result of having lifted him off the ground and to maintain balance.

‘The inclination of the back of Mrs. Jennifer Hermoso that occurs when she is performing an action of force is indisputable.

‘Mr. President’s feet are clearly and manifestly lifted off the ground as a result of the action of force carried out by the player.’

 Photograph 4

The RFEF maintains its stance in the final photo, where Rubiales is still lifted off the ground

For this final photo provided, the RFEF explains: ‘Mrs. Jennifer Hermoso continues to keep her arms in the same position as the president’s body while the president must continue to hold on to the players so as not to fall and it is evident that the arching of the player’s body corresponds to the lifting force of Mr. President you are performing.

‘The feet of Mr. President are ostensibly raised off the ground as a result of the player’s action.’


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