Golfer Joost Luiten loses THREE clubs in a tree at the DP World Tour

Stuck in the rough! Pro golfer launches THREE clubs into a tree at the DP World Tour and tries to get them back using a signpost in epic meltdown after a bogey on the previous hole

  • Joost Luiten fumed as he got three golf clubs stuck in a tree at the DP World Tour
  • The Dutchman was trying to retrieve his driver by using other golf clubs
  • But was left fuming as the driver and two irons became wedged in the branches

Golfer Joost Luiten proved that the sport is a game for the patient, not the angry, as he lost three clubs in a tree on the final day at the DP World Tour.

The Dutchman was approaching the halfway point on his last round when he skewed a wild tee shot and was left incensed on the course having already just bogeyed the previous hole, deciding to throw his driver into a tree as a result.

However, it was just the start of his problems when the driver failed to come back down and as such Luiten was side-tracked into trying to retrieve his lost club.

At first the situation was treated with good spirits as more people gathered around the scene taking place in the rough wood chippings that was shadowed by trees above.

Luiten grabbed an iron out of his bag and decided to try and throw this against the tree in a bid to knock the driver out, but further fumed when this was also ensnared by branches.

Joost Luiten endured a nightmare ninth hole on the final day of the DP World Tour

Luiten threw his driver into a tree after a skewed tee shot and lost another 

Luiten’s Taylormade driver can be seen stuck in the middle while his irons fail to budge just below

A second iron then got stuck. Three clubs down and wondering how his hole had gone from bad to worse, the 37-year-old paused to gather his thoughts, while a member of staff tried to climb up and shake both clubs free.

A third iron then got stuck. Luiten was at odds as to what to do next and was assisted by some club course staff who offered up a scoreboard signpost to the unfortunate European competitor.

He tried to use the tool to try and swat all three clubs out of the tree, but to no avail as the clubs refused to budge despite the various attempts at retrieval.

Out of ideas and by this point not seeing any of the initial light-heartedness that was there at the start of the erroneous situation, Luiten boots his golf bag and storms off.

He proceeded to play the rest of the hole with 11 clubs before all three missing clubs were eventually returned.

Luiten finished the day placed 48th in the overall competition with a score of one-over-par and approached the subject of his lost clubs incident afterwards.

The Dutchman even tried to use a scoring signpost to retrieve his clubs but was unsuccessful

He said: ‘I had just made bogey at the eighth. I was frustrated, one of those weeks [when] nothing went my way.

‘Lost it and threw my driver and it got stuck up a tree. That sums up my week nicely.

‘I tried to get it out by throwing some other clubs at it and [two] other clubs got stuck up the tree so I couldn’t get them out.’

Fellow European Nicolai Hojgaard went on to win the DP World Tour event, with Tommy Fleetwood falling short.

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