Female golfer loses playoff after BIZARRE incident involving club

Female golfer loses playoff after BIZARRE incident, as official driving cart accidentally snaps her driver on a rope barrier – and she was already playing with back-up club after airline broke the original!

  • Ann van Dam saw her driver broken in a bizarre incident involving a golf cart 
  • The rope barrier on the green caught her club and snapped the head off 
  • This happened as she was on her way to a play-off tee, where she finished 2nd 

Female golfer Ann van Dam suffered a bizarre incident as her driver snapped as she was driving in a golf cart in the Ladies European Tour’s KPMG Irish Open.

Van Dam began the final round with a three-shot lead but ended up in a three-way play-off.

However, by the time of the play-off, Van Dam was without her driver as the 27-year-old rode a cart out to the tee.

As her and an official headed up the fairway, they were directed to go outside of the ropes, with Van Dam grabbing the rope to lift it over the pair… however, she let go too soon. 

As the cart went through, the rope got caught on Van Dam’s driver and dragged the bag off the back of the golf cart.

Ann van Dam suffered a bizarre incident as her driver snapped as she was driving in a cart

The head of her driver snapped off and it was later revealed she did not have a replacement

Realising too late, Van Damm and the official went back to pick up her club, with the head detached from the rest of the body.

Luckily for Van Damm, the rules meant that she could replace her driver before the play-off… but there was further drama.

In broadcats, Van Dam was asked ‘It hasn’t happened again, has it?’ after the incident.

Monday Q Info had reported that Van Dam was already playing with her back-up driver as her main club was broken by the airline on the way to Ireland.

It doesn’t get much more bizarre than that in sport. 

Even more brutally, the golfer finished runner-up in the tournament, just missing out after the play-off. 

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