Streaker stormed the Athletics Championships track before Usain Bolt’s last race

Usain Bolt’s farewell race at the 2017 World Athletics Championships in London is also remembered for a naked streaker who burst onto the track before the race.

Before Bolt’s last 100m race, the streaker broke onto the track and exposed every inch of himself to the stunned Olympic Stadium crowd and athletes.

The serial streaker, Mark Roberts, had a message reading "PEACE + LOVE" written across his chest before he was apprehended by a large security team and led away.

But Roberts had proved a slippery customer, as he made it across the track and onto the field before a steward hauled him to the ground by tackling him over advertising hoardings.

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A group of officials then caught up with Roberts and escorted him off the track as one steward in a hi-vis jacket even covered his manhood with a jacket.

As he was led away, Roberts held up two fingers in a peace sign as his unforgettable incursion came to an end.

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The stunned crowd and sprinters were then able to turn their attentions back to the race, but it was a games to forget for Bolt who finished third in the 100m behind the USA's Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman.

Bolt’s final race of his career saw him pull up as the finisher in Jamaica’s 4x100m relay team with a hamstring injury and unable to finish the race, before retiring at the end of the events following a glittering career.

Unlike Bolt, it wouldn’t be Roberts’ last rodeo, as he appeared the following year at the Gangneung Oval during the Winter Olympics in South Korea, taking to the ice during the speed skating event wearing a pink tutu with ‘peace and love’ written across his bare chest again.

The prolific streaker’s stunts also include scoring a goal during the 2002 Champions League final between Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen at Hampden Park in 2002 and wearing a cat-shaped mask over his genitals at Crufts in 2010.

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