North Korean cheerleaders at Olympics scared fans with perfectly in-sync routine

North Korean cheerleaders left fans concerned after performing a scarily perfect routine at the Winter Olympics.

In 2018, the Winter Games were held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. While North and South, who were at war in the early 1950s, remain divided, they briefly united as part of a historic agreement for the Games. It allowed athletes from the North to cross the Korean Demilitarized Zone into the South to compete. 

The two nations then marched together under the Korean Unification Flag during the opening ceremony. A unified Korean team, consisting of 12 players from North Korea and 23 from South Korea, competed in the women's ice hockey tournament after being granted special permission by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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In all other sports, the nations competed separately. The South Korea team participated in every sport, while the North Korea team competed in alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, figure skating and short-track speed skating.

The athletes from the North were supported by a group of 229 cheerleaders, named the ‘Army of Beauties’, who performed perfectly in-sync routines at events. The supporters were reportedly handpicked, unpaid and guarded 24/7.

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While impressive, their performance left watching fans concerned for the fate of any supporter who missed a beat, given the North’s infamously oppressive regime, which severely limits human rights and free speech.

“Like their lives depended on it,” said one fan. Another added: “When threatened with such consequences who wouldn’t be on point?”

A third quipped: “RIP bro for not being synced up until the end #lostbutnotfirgotten.” Another said: “They were for sure forced to do that for hundreds of hours.”

A fifth commented: “And unfortunately, they cheered like their lives depended on it. Sad.” A sixth added: “In unison or it's there last living day.”

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