Keane, Neville and Carragher reveal Christmas party stories

Roy Keane was banned from Man United’s Christmas party and went out on his own, Gary Neville ‘thought he was going to DIE’ from a spiked drink and Jamie Carragher had to sing an Everton song… trio reveal Christmas party stories

  • Roy Keane, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville revealed some festive party tales
  • Keane and Carragher shared a few hilarious memories from their time as players
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Roy Keane, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville have reflected on various Christmas party stories from their playing careers.

As is tradition at this time of the year, most clubs arrange some sort of festive bash for their stars, although the likes of Newcastle won’t be having one this time around due to their hectic fixture schedule and injury list.  

And on this week’s Stick to Football podcast with Sky Bet, the trio revealed some of their experiences in conversation with Jill Scott and Ian Wright.

Former Manchester United hardman Keane recounted a hilarious tale when he wasn’t allowed to attend his side’s celebration.

He said: ‘I got banned from the Christmas party one year. I must’ve been injured, and the reserve team were having a night out and I went out with them and I think there was a bit of bother in Manchester.

Roy Keane, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville revealed some of their Christmas party stories

In the latest episode of Stick to Football, Keane explained how he was once banned from Man United’s festive bash

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‘The first team lads were going out a couple days later and Sir Alex Ferguson came in, in front of everyone, and said that if anyone was seen drinking with me that day, they would get fined. 

‘The players were worried about getting fined by the manager, so I ended up going out by myself – I had a Christmas party by myself.’

Jamie Carragher also explained how his first ever Christmas do when he was a young Liverpool player ended early after being forced to perform in front of his team-mates.

He added: ‘I had to sing a song – the young lads or new signings had to do something. 

‘We had a free bar that night, I’m dressed up and I ended up singing an Everton song and I was getting beer thrown at me. 

‘I was that bad, they put me in a taxi and I was in bed before 12 o’clock that night.’

However, Neville’s tale was much less light-hearted as he revealed a harrowing story of a Christmas party that turned bad, with the former defender ending up in hospital.

‘I thought I was going to die,’ he explained. ‘Someone spiked my drink; I don’t know what with, but it was bad.

Carragher explained how he had to sing an Everton song at his first Christmas party as a player

However, Neville reflected on an extremely worrying story where he saw his drink spiked 


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‘I was with David Beckham and Ben Thornley put me in a taxi and he sent me home, but I said to the taxi driver to take me to the hospital. 

‘I got to the hospital, and it was quite busy, and I ended up falling asleep on the deck, and I remember one of the nurses coming over to me asking if it was just drink, which I said it was, and only then I realised that I could have been spiked.’

He continued: ‘I ended up sleeping at the hospital, waking up about two hours later and you didn’t have mobile phones back then and I was 18, so I used the hospital phone to ring up my girlfriend to come and pick me up. 

‘I remember she picked up and I was sat in a wheelchair at the front of the hospital, and she came to me pick me up and take me home.’

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