Increased stoppage time in matches could lead to additional bonuses

Increased stoppage time in matches could lead to clubs paying huge amounts in additional appearance bonuses… after Chelsea’s chaotic 4-1 win over Tottenham included 21 MINUTES of added time

  • More stoppage time has been added across many matches this season
  • Clubs could have to pay huge appearance bonuses as a result of this
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Football clubs face paying out huge amounts in additional appearance bonuses due to the increasing stoppage time being played in matches.

On Monday night, a total of 21 minutes of additional time was added to Chelsea’s chaotic 4-1 win at Tottenham.

An edict to ensure a more accurate calculation of additional time, in line with recent IFAB [International Football Association Board] guidance, has resulted in matches being significantly extended this season meaning substitutes are spending more time on the pitch.

For example, Eric Dier – who was introduced by Tottenham in the 34th minute of the defeat to Chelsea – ended up playing 77 minutes.

And Mail Sport has learned that player representatives are holding talks with clubs with a view to ensuring their clients profit because they are spending more minutes on the pitch.

There was a huge amount of stoppage time added in both halves of Chelsea’s win over Tottenham on Monday night

Chelsea went on to win 4-1, and players could now get additional appearances bonuses due to the increase in stoppage time this season

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Bonuses for substitute appearances is common in contracts, with such clauses entitling players to extra money for spending a stipulated amount of time on the pitch.

The wording of such bonuses vary from contract to contract; but generally the clauses guarantee additional payments to players if they enter the field ‘in a certain minute prior to the XXth’.

However, talent agencies, as part of new contract or renegotiation discussions, are proposing changing the wording of such bonuses in relation to ‘minutes played’.

Sources have indicated that there is resistance from a number of clubs to implement such changes to their appearance bonus mechanisms given the prospect of having to fork out huge amounts of extra cash in light of the increased stoppage time being played.


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