European Super League matches ‘free to all’ as fans won’t pay for TV coverage

The European Super League has insisted fans will not have to pay to watch its matches.

Super League hopefuls were given a boost on Thursday morning as the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that football's governing bodies UEFA and FIFA acted against competition law when they blocked its formation back in 2021. The Super League had proposed a new breakaway competition involving twelve of Europe's biggest teams in a "closed shop" format – but was met with angry protests from fans and a swift shutdown by UEFA.

But with the ECJ ruling that UEFA can no longer block competition, the Super League will be given hope regarding its revised plans for a new competition. A22, a company formed to assist in the creation of the competition, now wants to create a multi-division event featuring 60 to 80 teams, which will be open to all.

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And Bernd Reichart, CEO of the Super League, has looked to turn public opinion by insisting the breakaway league's matches will be free to watch as he seeks to relaunch the controversial competition.

Reichart said: "We have won the right to compete. UEFA's monopoly has ended. Football is free. Clubs will no longer suffer threats and sanctions. For the fans: we are going to broadcast all Super League matches for free."

Despite the Grand Chamber's verdict, Thursday's ruling was not all doom and gloom for UEFA and FIFA. UEFA is still permitted its own competitions and the Super League is subject to authorisation rules and procedures.

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Crucially, paragraph 144 of the judgement also recognises that it is legitimate to protect sporting merit, which has been one of the major criticisms of the Super League.

Following Thursday's ruling, the competition was condemned in a scathing statement from La Liga, which labelled the Super League a "selfish and elitist model".

It read: “Today, more than ever, we reiterate that the “Super League” is a selfish and elitist model. Anything that is not fully open, with direct access only through the domestic leagues, season by season, is a closed format. European football has spoken. Listen. #EarnItOnThePitch”

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