O.J. Simpson causes outrage with 9/11 comments regarding Aaron Rodgers

O.J. Simpson has come under enormous backlash for making a disgusting 9/11 joke when discussing Aaron Rodgers’ ill-fated debut injury. The New York Jets quarterback lasted just two minutes in the win over the Buffalo Bills on Monday night.

In what was Rodgers’ first competitive game for the Jets, he started from kick-off but only lasted four snaps. Under pressure in each of his three previous calls, Bills linebacker Leonard Floyd broke through the continually exposed Jets’ offensive line and sacked Rodgers.

Rodgers’ left foot appeared to get caught up in the MetLife Stadium’s artifical turf and his Achilles tore. His game was done and ultimately so was his season. An MRI scan on Tuesday confirmed the tear and the Jets officialy ruled Rodgers out for the remainder of the season.

Monday was also the 22nd anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. The city held solemn ceremonies throughout the day while the Tribute in Light illumnated Lower Manhattan skyline. At the MetLife, a moment’s silence was held and Rodgers ran on to the field carrying an American flag.

Though, this was all lost on Simpson who decided to take advantage of Rodgers’ injury and the anniversary of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks falling on the same day.

Discussing the fallout of NFL Week 1, and Rodgers’ injury in particular, on ย ‘It Is What It Is’ – led by hip hope legends Cam’ron and Mase – Simpson said: “The Jets are still going to be good. They got that defense and that kid learnt a lot from Aaron. Unfortunately 9/11 is just a bad day to New York.”

Both hosts laughed, before Simpson added: “You got to play. That’s the problem with not playing at all before you go out on the field. That weren’t a bad tackle. You got to get your body loose.”

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The joke has been described as ‘awful’, ‘insensitive’ and ‘tone-deaf’ on X/formerly Twitter. ‘There’s no way a player’s injury deserves the same breath as 9/11,’ added one passionate person.

Simpson, of course, is an incredibly controversial figure since the end of his own NFL playing days. The former Buffalo Bills running back was charged for the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

In a hugely publicised trial, Simpson was found not guilty. He was, however, found liable for the wrongful death of Goldman and battery of Nicole in a civil lawsuit and ordered to pay $33,500,000 in damages.

Despite escaping a prison sentence he soon found himself behind bars anyway. Simpson was found guilty in 2008 for his involvement in an armed robbery in a Las Vegas hotel room the year before. After serving nine years in prison, Simpson was released for good behavior. In 2021 he was announced as a free man.

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