Jake Paul denies rumors that he used cocaine at boxing match

Jake Paul denies rumors that he used cocaine after the social media influencer and boxer was seen repeatedly rubbing his nose at brother Logan’s bout vs. Dillon Danis

  • Paul said that he was wiping away sweat from his face and nose after a brawl
  • Brother Logan got into a post-bout brawl with Dillon Danis just weeks ago 
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In a video where he surrounded himself with Coca-Cola products while pretending to throw cocaine in the air, influencer and celebrity boxer Jake Paul says he did not snort the white stuff at his brother Logan’s bout weeks ago.

Video circulated of Jake rubbing his nose repeatedly in the ring after Logan defeated MMA fighter Dillon Danis in a boxing match in Manchester, England – which quickly devolved into madness as a brawl broke out.

People took to social media accusing the YouTuber of using the hard drug during the match as he continued to rub his face.

But Jake says that the reason for him touching his nose so much was the result of him being a sweaty person.

‘This is the thing, is I go to brawl in the ring to save my f***ing brother,’ Paul said in a YouTube video explaining himself. ‘Forty grown men around me, everyone’s huffing and puffing, I’m yelling, ‘You b***h, you’re lucky I didn’t kill you.” and I’m literally drenched in sweat.’

Jake Paul said that he did not use cocaine after a viral video showed him rubbing his nose

In a video titled ‘My Response to the Allegations’, Paul acted crazy and threw powder in the air

Jake Paul (R) was seen rubbing his nose in the ring after his brother Logan’s boxing match

‘I come out, everyone knows I’m the most sweatiest person in the world. So I get into the ring to like, go be there for my brother and s***, and I put my hat on and I’m literally sweating down my face, so I’m just like this (rubs face), trying to get the sweat off of my f***ing face.’

Prior to this explanation, Paul was seen surrounded by Coca-Cola cans and bottles pretending to act like he was on the drug.

He then took his shirt off and went over to where a plate of white powder was sitting – before grabbing a handful of the stuff and tossing it in the air a la LeBron James. 

‘Y’all want some Coke?’ Paul asked his friends as he pretended to be drugged out.

After laughing the joke off, he got into his explanation – which was backed up by his girlfriend Jutta Leerdam. 

‘It comes on my nose and my foundation is gone and I look like f***ing Rudolph,’ Leerdam said.

Jake admitted to being more of a ‘mushrooms and wine kinda guy’.

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