Real Madrid & Barcelona could be chucked out Champions League over kiss scandal

Real Madrid and Barcelona could be kicked out of the Champions League if Spain withdraws from UEFA.

According to reports in Spain, the Spanish FA could be ready to pull its teams from UEFA if Luis Rubiales is forcibly removed from his position following a kissing scandal.

Spain won the Women's World Cup earlier this month – but their monumental victory was quickly overshadowed when Rubiales kissed Jennifer Hermoso on the lips as she was receiving her winners medal.

Rubiales has since refused to stand down, while the women's side have refused to play games while he remains in charge.

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And, in the latest twist, the Spanish FA have urged UEFA to consider expelling them due to the Spanish government's intervention. UEFA rules state its members "shall manage their affairs independently and without undue influence from third parties.

"Any body or decision of a body that has not been elected or appointed in accordance with said procedure, even provisionally, will not be recognised by UEFA."

And reports in Spain suggest Rubiales' supporters in the Spanish FA are ready to urge UEFA to kick them out, due to the Spanish government intervening in the case.

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The Spanish government can't remove Rubiales from power – but it did announce they were looking for ways to suspend him.

If UEFA accept Spain's case, Real, Barca, Atletico Madrid, and Real Sociedad would be removed from the Champions League. While Villarreal and Real Betis would leave the Europa League and Osasuna would suffer the same fate in the Europa Conference League.

In the meantime, focus has turned to Rubiales' mum Angeles Bejar on Monday after she locked herself in a church and went on a hunger strike over the “inhuman witch-hunt” against her son.

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