Prem’s least-posh club named – and it’s due to lack of Waitrose and M&S stores

Nottingham Forest are the least posh Premier League club because they don’t have enough Waitrose and M&S stores near their ground.

Wolverhampton Wanderers, Liverpool and Everton also came out at the bottom of the table in the study. The 20 top-flight clubs were judged on how many of the upmarket supermarkets they have in close proximity.

The number of private schools per 100,000 local people was taken into account, too. Research into how fancy sides are also looked at the average house prices and salaries of supporters.

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Forest have just 0.67 Waitrose and Marks and Spencers for every 100,000 people. They have just 1.33 fee-paying schools for them, house prices are worth around £185,000 and locals earn £23,377.

It gave them a poshness score of just 1.58 out of 10. Wolves have less posh supermarkets – 0.43 – but more independent schools – 1.71. Their median house prices – £195,000 – and annual salaries – £26,282 – were both higher. They got two for the overall mark.

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Liverpool and Everton scored the same as they are located so closely together in the city. They have 1.38 close-upmarket grocery scores, but only 0.79 private schools.

Locals early about £28,289 and their homes are worth £161,000, leading to a total posh score of 2.84 Top of the table was unsurprisingly Chelsea with 2.08 local M&S and Waitrose's and 4.17 fee-paying schools.

The average salary is £41,892 but house prices are a staggering £1,357,500. They got the Blues an overall total of 9.68 out of 10.

Local neighbours Fulham were third with a whopping 3.82 posh shops and 7.09 private schools per 100,000 people. Houses cost £770,000 and fans earn £40,952 per year, meaning they got 9.53 overall.

Surprisingly, Tottenham came in third despite historically high poverty rates. There are 1.89 of the supermarkets close by and 2.27 of the schools. Locals earn £33,906 per annum and houses cost £585,000, resulting in a total score of 7.84. The study was carried out by Ticketgum.

A spokesperson said: “The football connoisseurs at Ticketgum set out to unveil the poshest Premier League teams. By scrutinising four potential indicators of poshness, involving median house prices, gross annual pay, total number of Waitrose and Marks & Spencer stores.

“As well as private schools – all within the same local authority as each club’s football stadium. Nottingham Forest claims the accolade to be the least posh Premier League football club (1.58/10), with the gross annual income in the Nottingham authority being the lowest at £23,377.

“Chelsea holds the title of the poshest Premier League team boasting an impressive overall score of 9.68/10. Its home stadium, Stamford Bridge, is situated in one of the UK’s wealthiest areas where the median house price reaches £1,357,500.

"Meanwhile, Chelsea residents, as the nation’s highest earners command a gross annual pay standing at £41,892 – nearly £7,000 above the national average of £34,963.”

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