Paul Merson unleashes FURIOUS rant at former referee Mike Dean

Paul Merson FUMES at Mike Dean live on TV for saying officials couldn’t stop Liverpool’s game against Tottenham ‘for the sake of it’

  • Merson suggested match should have been stopped to award Liverpool a goal
  • But Mike Dean insisted ‘you can’t change the law’ during a heated exchange 
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Paul Merson fumed at Mike Dean on live TV after the former Premier League referee suggested the controversial match between Tottenham and Liverpool couldn’t be stopped ‘for the sake of it’. 

Luis Diaz’s strike was disallowed by VAR Darren England, who wrongly believed the on-field decision had been a goal, so said ‘check complete’ once he ascertained that the Colombia winger was onside. 

Instead of a goal being awarded, the match resumed with a free-kick to Spurs. Referees’ chiefs admitted after Spurs’ 2-1 win that ‘a significant human error occurred’ when the Colombian’s goal was ruled out.

During a discussion on Soccer Saturday, Merson suggested that the match should have been stopped to award Liverpool a deserved goal. 

Asked what the way forward is, Dean said: ‘The way forward, do you get ex players in? For me no because I just don’t think, if you go get players in, half of them don’t know the laws of the game full stop as you can tell by what you (Merson) said about restarting games for the sake of it’. 

Paul Merson fumed at Mike Dean on TV as they discussed last week’s controversial incident

Dean insisted the game between Liverpool and Spurs couldn’t be stopped ‘for the sake of it’

Liverpool wrongly had a goal disallowed as Luis Diaz was deemed to be in an offside position 

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Merson was then left outraged as he replied: ‘For the sake of it? For the sake of it? What do you mean for the sake of it? You’re playing Liverpool against Tottenham, one of the biggest games and you’re saying for the sake of it.

‘There’s no law. No one is going to die so stop the game. You’re all scared. You’re all like “Oh my god I’m going to get in trouble”. Stop the game. Stop the game’. 

Presenter Simon Thomas then urged Merson to calm down before the former striker added: ‘It’s typical you’ve not played the game,’ while Dean repeated ‘you can’t change the law’ multiple times.

Liverpool officially demanded the recording on Monday and their request was granted on Tuesday afternoon, with referee’s body PGMOL making the audio tape public on Tuesday night – which showed officials knew of their huge mistake immediately but still did not stop the game.

Moments after the match restarted after Diaz was ruled to have been offside, officials are heard to say ‘perfect’ and ‘well done boys, good process’. 

The PGMOL said in a statement that ‘standards fell short of expectations’ and it has identified three key areas ‘to mitigate against the risk of a future error’.

A Premier League spokesperson on Tuesday night added: ‘It is clear that there were not only human errors but systemic weaknesses in the VAR process. We accept PGMOL’s immediate recommendations to ensure that such failures are not repeated in the future.

‘However, a wider review to seek consistently higher standards of VAR performance will be conducted by the Premier League and PGMOL and where necessary further recommended actions will be brought forward and implemented.’ 


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