Magpies stabbing is latest in history between English and Italian fans

Newcastle fan stabbing is the latest in dreadful history of violence between English and Italian fans with Liverpool and Leeds fans victims as well

  • A Newcastle fan was stabbed by a group of men in Milan on Monday night 
  • It serves as a reminder of the disgusting history of violence between the fans 
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On Monday night, all attention turned away from the Champions League’s return as news broke that a Newcastle fan had been stabbed in Milan.

Eddie McKay, 58, was walking back to his hotel with his son and a friend shortly after midnight on Tuesday when around eight attackers pounced from behind in the Navigli district. He was stabbed twice in the arm and once in the lower back.

Thankfully, Mr McKay’s nephew, Sam Gordon, has revealed that the Magpies fan ‘is OK and is sitting up’ but history knows that it could have been a lot worse. 

From international ties in the 90s to modern day affairs, there’s been a number of nasty conflicts between the supporters.

And so, here, Mail Sport looks at the harrowing history of fan violence thats occurred for decades.

Newcastle fan Eddie McKay, 58, was rushed to hospital after being stabbed in the arm and back during an attack by a group of knife-wielding thugs in Milan on Monday night

Medics attend to a Newcastle fan ambushed and stabbed by thugs in Milan on Monday evening

England – Oct 1997

Police baton-charge fans inside the Stadio Olimpico, leaving a fan and policeman hospitalised.

Leeds – Nov 2000

A Leeds fan is stabbed 13 times in Milan and needs surgery on a pierced bladder.

Liverpool – Feb 2001

Roma fans ambush travelling Liverpool fans, stabbing six.

Middlesbrough – Mar 2006

Thirteen Boro fans are taken to hospital after Roma ultras attack them in a pub.

Man Utd – Apr & Dec 2007

Ten fans are stabbed in Rome in April and five more suffer the same fate in December.

Manchester United fans clash with police in Roma after conflict began between supporters

The incident saw ten fans are stabbed in April 2007 and five more in December that same year

Steven Fitzsimons (pictured) was one of the supporters who was hospitalised in the attacks

Arsenal – Mar 2009

An Arsenal fan is stabbed in the leg after Roma fans storm a minibus going to the game.

Tottenham – Nov 2012

Nine Spurs fans are injured and one is stabbed in the neck before a game against Lazio.

England – Mar 2023

Italian police strike fans with batons as they queue to get into a Euro 2024 qualifier in Naples.

Tottenham and Lazio fans were involved in an altercation ahead of their match in 2012


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