Lehmann reveals secret talent as she's quizzed on 'best celebrity DM'

Alisha Lehmann reveals her secret talent as she’s quizzed on her ‘best celebrity DM’

  • Aston Villa women’s forward Alisha Lehmann has revealed her secret talent  
  • She lifted the lid on her personality and hobbies during an interview with BBC 
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Aston Villa women’s star Alisha Lehmann has revealed what her secret talent is after being quizzed on her lifestyle and personality.

Lehmann – who has been dubbed ‘the world’s sexiest footballer – is the most followed women’s player with 16m Instagram subscribers, helping her become one of the most high-profile stars in the female game.

The 24-year-old shed some light on her personal life, hobbies and passions during an interview with the BBC where she revealed a hidden talent. 

When asked by the interviewer to show her the last note she wrote on her iPhone – before revealing that it was a rap she had written with a former Villa team-mate.

She was initially reluctant to share what she had come up with before she decided to recite one line of the rap – claiming it would soon be released in full.

Alisha Lehmann has revealed a secret talent in an interview discussing her lifestyle and hobbies

The Aston Villa star was also quizzed over who her ‘best celebrity DM’ on social media was 

‘My last note? Me and Shania [Hayles] – she played with me last season – we wrote a little rap song, but I can’t show it,’ she said. ‘It’s unreleased. You will hear it when it’s released.’ 

She added: ‘I have a necklace right? It [says] “AL”,’ before reading out one line.

‘”Strutting with my necklace on, its AL baby that’s my name”. Sick isn’t it?’ 

When asked if she was going to release an album, she replied: ‘No obviously [not] I’m a footballer!’ 

The interviewer then challenged Lehmann to name her ‘best celebrity DM’ – resulting in laughter from the Swiss player – before she ultimately refused to indulge. 

‘Yeah obviously,’ she said when asked if there was a ‘whole list’, before adding: ‘I don’t have a best one. There’s some good good ones but I can’t tell you. It’s impossible. It’s too private I think.’

The 24-year-old – who is the most followed female footballer on social media – said she had written a rap with a former Aston Villa team-mate

The Swiss star refused to name her best celebrity DM – after previously claiming that superstar rapper asked her for a jersey

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Lehmann was happy, however, to name the most famous person that followed her – revealing it was a Brazilian legend who won the 2002 World Cup.  

‘Probably Ronaldo [Nazario] from Brazil. One of the GOATs. But it’s Instagram, it’s not the real world.’

Lehmann’s venture into rapping comes after she revealed superstar rapper Drake had reached out to her asking for her jersey

Speaking on the DirTea Talk podcast, Lehmann revealed: ‘That was only three days ago. Drake wrote to me! He asked me for a jersey’.

And while she would not name any other stars who had messaged her, she claimed revealed this month that an A-list celebrity once offered her £90,000 for a one-night stand – claiming it was a ‘well-known international’ star. 

‘I was in Miami, my favorite place, and I met some friends at a club,’ the player explained on the same podcast. ‘I got a message on my mobile, which I didn’t reply to, but the same person then messaged the bodyguard looking after me.’

The Aston Villa player once claimed that a well known celebrity once offered her £90,000 to have a one-night stand with her

‘The texts came from a very well known person. We had previously bumped into one another at an event.

‘The message said, “I will pay Alisha 100,000 Swiss francs (roughly $110,000) to spend a night with her.”‘

Lehmann turned down the offer, whilst questioning the amount teasingly, prompting the unnamed man to repeat-message her bodyguard.  

‘But my answer was – no way! And just 100,000?,’ Lehmann added. ‘The crazy thing is that I still have his message on my phone. It is a bit stupid.’

When asked to reveal a hint about the identity of the man, she was tight-lipped, saying: ‘I cannot reveal his name. But he is very, very well known on an international level.’

The 42-cap international joined Villa in 2021 and in August extended her stay in the Midlands until 2026, with the option of a further year. 

This season she has made three appearances for Villa. Overall, she has played 57 times and scored 10 goals. 


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