Chris Kamara ‘nearly killed Jeff Stelling’ after almost driving off 400ft cliff

Chris Kamara admitted he ‘nearly killed’ former Soccer Saturday partner in crime Jeff Stelling.

Kammy and Stelling were one of the most iconic duos to ever appear on television, lighting up Saturday afternoon’s football coverage. Stelling left his position as the show’s anchor at the end of last season and Kammy left a year earlier.

The duo also spent plenty of time together off-screen, including on one occasion whilst tackling the terrifying devil’s staircase in Sri Lanka – which is a nightmare for any vertigo sufferers.

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Speaking on Steph’s Packed Lunch, Kamara was talking about the time he found himself at the wheel of a car on the infamous road with very little margin for error.

Kammy was asked whether it was true that he almost drove Stelling off the edge of a 400ft cliff on that road, Kammy replied: “I did indeed in Sri Lanka. The devil’s staircase, an unused road for six years.

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“I drove up it and there was a gradual drop that side a foot either side of the car and a straight drop my side. And I took the car on the brink.” Kammy then started to fake cry before he dropped a nod to his catchphrase, he added: “I would’ve been responsible for killing Jeff, that would’ve been unbelievable!”

Kammy stepped back from his role at Sky after battling with speech apraxia, saying he was ‘ashamed’ that he couldn’t speak properly and was ‘in denial’ about his condition. Before his appearance on the Channel 4 show, Kamara spoke about his battle on Good Morning Britain.

In an emotional interview that saw him tear up, Kamara said: "I went to see a brain specialist and I was only in there for two minutes and he said, 'You've got Apraxia of Speech', where the connection between the brain and mouth breaks down and you can't say the words.

"Your mouth can't control itself. The words come out very slowly. I thought that defined me. So my apologies to everyone out with there with a speech condition, because it doesn't define who you are. I get upset talking about it, because I was in denial. I was ashamed that I couldn't speak."

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