Burnley, Leeds and Leicester are set to WITHDRAW plan to sue Everton

EXCLUSIVE Burnley, Leeds and Leicester are set to WITHDRAW plan to sue Everton, as aggrieved trio seek negotiated settlement instead following Toffees’ 10-point deduction for breaking spending rules

  • Burnley, Leeds and Leicester have held talks ahead of deadline to make claim 
  • Aggrieved trio of clubs do not want to force Everton into administration 
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Burnley, Leeds and Leicester are set to withdraw their planned claim for compensation against Everton in favour of seeking a negotiated settlement with the club. 

Mail Sport has learned that the aggrieved clubs have held talks over the last few days ahead of a deadline to make a formal claim to the Premier League’s independent commission, and are leaning towards holding private discussions with Everton.

The aggrieved trio first served notice of their intention to sue Everton last May along with Nottingham Forest and Southampton in a letter to the Premier League, with the independent commission chaired by David Phillips KC ruling that they had a potential case. 

The commission’s imposition of a 10-point penalty on Everton a fortnight ago initially increased the clubs’ resolve to claim as they would all have avoided relegation from the Premier League had the sanction been applied during the seasons in which Everton were found to have breached spending rules, but following further discussions it appears they may opt to negotiate instead.

As previously reported by Mail Sport there are major doubts over Everton’s ability to pay any fine imposed by the commission, as the club are relying on £20million-a-month loans from prospective buyers 777Partners to fund their day-to-day operations, which would leave them facing administration and a further nine-point penalty. 

Everton were docked ten points by a committee but have appealed their punishment

Burnley, Leicester and Leeds are set to withdraw their planned claim for compensation 

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Despite feeling aggrieved by the Premier League’s handling of the matter Burnley, Leeds are Leicester are also conscious of not wanting to be responsible for forcing Everton into administration, a consideration which has influenced their thinking.

If Everton agree to negotiate the case would go to arbitration rather than being heard by the Premier League’s independent commission that imposed the 10-point penalty.

In addition to seeking to negotiate with Everton the clubs could also bring a claim against the Premier League for alleged failures in their disciplinary process, on the grounds that delaying Everton’s hearing by several months led to them being relegated. 

The Premier League did seek to have the case heard last season after charging Everton in March however, but were denied by the commission.

In a separate development Everton have submitted their appeal against the 10-point deduction with the hearing expected to be heard next month. The Premier League have committed to concluding the case within the next three months.

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