Ange Postecoglou vows Spurs will 'scare the life out of' Arsenal

Ange Postecoglou claims Tottenham will ‘scare the life out of’ rivals Arsenal in North London Derby as he urges his side not to ‘shy away’ from attacking style at the Emirates

  • Spurs and Arsenal will go head to head in a highly-anticipated game on Sunday
  • Both sides are undefeated in the league so far with 13 points from five matches 
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Ange Postecoglou says Tottenham intend to ‘scare the life’ out of Arsenal in Sunday’s north London derby while insisting he and Mikel Arteta cannot be compared as artists.

Postecoglou on Friday said trying to copy another manager’s attacking philosophy would be like trying to duplicate a Picasso, and the Australian hopes his own approach can secure Tottenham their first Premier League win at Arsenal since 2010.

Postecoglou saw Arteta in action when he managed Yokohama Marinos, who are one of Manchester City’s affiliate clubs. Arteta was a coach under Pep Guardiola at the time and Postecoglou said on Friday: ‘I spent a week at City when I first got the Yokohama job. I observed training and you could see then how passionate Mikel was about the game.

‘We’re not close. I’m 58, he’s whatever. I’ve had 26 years (in management), he’s five years into it. He’s managed in one country, I’ve managed in a few. I’m not sure how he’s got a great head of hair! He’s a lot fitter than I am. I don’t know, mate, there’s not a lot of threads I can join between us.

‘I wouldn’t say we’re opposites. We’re different. Even in the way his team plays. Yes, he does have a very attacking philosophy but it’s different from mine and that’s the beauty of the game.

Ange Postecoglou promised to try and ‘scare the life’ out of Arsenal in the north London derby

Tottenham have enjoyed a fine start to the season under the Australian and remain unbeaten

Postecoglou was full of praise for Arteta but insisted his attacking philosophy is different

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‘It’s why you can’t copy. If you’re an artist and you see a Picasso, yeah, you can copy it, but it’s not going to be a Picasso, is it? It’s the same with football.’

Further quotes emerged on Friday from the midweek Tottenham fan forum in which Postecoglou was asked whether he will approach games differently against better sides. 

In a warning to Arteta’s Arsenal, he said: ‘In terms of the way we play, we’re not changing, mate. We’ll go out and scare the life out of them.’

Expanding on that on Friday, he added: ‘If we shy away from it, don’t play our football, manage to get a draw and survive the experience, what have we really learned? Apart from surviving 90 minutes of football? Nothing. We’re going to go out and play our football.’


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