Lewis Hamilton set to further increase his fortune after Kylian Mbappe link-up

Lewis Hamilton and Kylian Mbappe have teamed up for a commercial opportunity with the two sporting superstars both taking part in the ‘Never Still 4’ campaign, birthed by German luxury luggage company Rimowa.

The ‘Never Still’ advertisement series looks to shine a light on the impact and importance of travel to elite-level athletes and celebrities across the world with the Rimowa brand selling classy and stylish luggage for the luxury market.

Speaking for the campaign, Hamilton stated: “I have spent my entire career travelling the world, and those experiences have shaped who I am, both as a racer and as a person.”

In Mbappe’s segment of the campaign, he said: “When you travel, you see different types of life, and you learn a lot. I met amazing people I never thought I would meet in my life.”

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As an F1 driver, travel is naturally a large part of Hamilton’s life with the Briton travelling to all corners of the globe to compete for race wins and World Championships, but the 38-year-old also spends plenty of his spare time on the road too.

Hamilton is known to have houses in New York, Colorado, London and Monaco, and he is often photographed on his Instagram travelling the world with his close friends and his family.

His claim that travel shapes the driver that he is also rings true. After a testing start to the 2022 season, Hamilton spent his summer break reconnecting with nature and adventuring through Africa, detailing his travels via his social media accounts.

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Writing to his followers about the experience, Hamilton explained: “These past two weeks have been some of the best days of my entire life. I’m not the same man I was before this trip, all the beauty, love, and peacefulness I experienced has me feeling fully transformed.

“No amount of photos could capture how I’m feeling now and what I’m trying to say. Just know, where words fall short emotions run deep. I connected with my roots and my history and I feel my ancestors with me now stronger than I ever have before. Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania thank you.

“To the people here, the nature and the wildlife thank you. We were welcomed to each beautiful place we visited. We were treated like family. To my brothers who joined me on this journey, thank you. I know we’ll be talking about this forever.”

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