Elle Brooke offers to ‘pee in a cup’ in ugly AJ Bunker spat at Misfits boxing

Elle Brooke offered to pee in a cup live on air during a heated exchange with Misfits boxing rival AJ Bunker.

Adult star Elle, 25, watched on in Newcastle on Saturday (September 23) night as former Love Island star AJ, 30, defeated lingerie model Little Bellsy to become the inaugural Misfits middleweight women's champion.

She then got in the ring to confront the victor, challenging her to a fight for the belt. AJ lost to Elle in their respective in-ring debuts in July 2022 – and she isn't interested in a rematch anytime soon.

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The time for talking is almost over as KSI and Tommy Fury will bury their rivarly once and for all as they face off in Manchester on Saturday, October 14th. Logan Paul will also be fighting at the event in front of what is expected to be a sell-out crowd.

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As she tried to divert, AJ told Elle: "You need to have a roids test before I get in the ring with you." Who responded: "Roids? Oi, who's got a cup, I'll p*** in it right now. I'll p*** in a cup right now. You think I'm on roids? You're just weak."

AJ went on to call Elle a "f***ing fake b****", adding: "What she just said about me is f***ing horrible, she's a f***ing fake person." Elle hit back: "This is the game."

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AJ instead wants to run it back with Astrid Wett, who also beat her earlier this year to win the flyweight title. She's defending that next month on the Prime card against Alexia Grace.

"I've said I want that Astrid rematch, but basically I want that belt as well," said AJ. "I want to a be a two-time champ whether it's Astrid or Alexia, I'll fight both. I want the Astrid rematch for redemption, I also want that belt, so I'll take them both on."

She's now 2-2 in her influencer boxing career, with her other victory coming against Tasha Kiran from Ibiza Weekender. Astrid is 2-0, while Elle is 3-1 – losing her last outing to Jully Poca in July.

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