Despicable ‘lie’ behind iconic image exposed

As America burns, attention has turned to an iconic moment from four years ago that tried to prevent the very chaos we’re witnessing now. Protests and riots have broken out across 30 cities in the US as citizens rage against the racial inequality that has festered in the country for centuries, a white hot fury brought to the surface by the death of black man George Floyd at the hands

Dad: Raiders' Ruggs injures thigh during a move

Covered Oakland Raiders for and Sacramento Bee for eight years Member of Pro Football Writers Association Previously worked at Los Angeles Times, Las Vegas Review-Journal and Sports Illustrated Las Vegas Raiders rookie receiver Henry Ruggs III, the team’s top draft pick, suffered a cut to his thigh recently while moving things into a trailer, his father told on Monday. A Raiders source said the team was “told [Ruggs]

MLB may look more like a sprint in 2020; who's hurt the most in an abbreviated season?

There’s just one guarantee as Major League Baseball aims to wedge an 80-plus game schedule and expanded playoffs into a pandemic-driven four-month window: Roughly half the season is gone forever. Some franchises have pointed to 2020 for several years as the moment their plans would coalesce. Others decided, in a more impetuous fashion, to go all-in on this season. And dozens of players will lose wages, statistics, records and indelible

MLB is having a tougher time returning than NBA, NHL. What's baseball's problem?

Sports reporter, Kansas City Star, 2002-09 Writer, Baseball, Baseball Prospectus Co-author, Pro Basketball Prospectus Member, Baseball Writers Association of America Member, Professional Basketball Writers Association The seasons of three of the top four American team sports were thrown into uncertain stasis by the coronavirus pandemic, a stunning turn of events that we’ve been dealing with for 2½ months now. As the weeks have passed and the country has ever-so-tentatively begun

Sean Doolittle says Washington Nationals players will cover pay cuts for organization's minor leaguers

Washington Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle announced on Twitter on Sunday night that he and his teammates will cover a pay cut that minor-league players in the organization will have to endure. "After hearing that Nationals minor league players are facing additional pay cuts, the current members of the Washington Nationals Major League Baseball club will be coming together and committing funds to make whole the lost wages from their weekly

When does 'Madden 21' come out? Release date leaked in promo video

EA Sports accidentally revealed the release date for “Madden 21” in a promo video intended to tease the upcoming video game. This is yet another unfortunate leak for EA Sports this offseason as Lamar Jackson accidentally revealed he’d be the cover guy for this year’s game. While that mistake was Jackson’s fault, the latest lies on EA Sports, which left a little too much information in its YouTube teaser. In a video

Late Hall of Fame coach Eddie Sutton grew legend with win over Michael Jordan and No. 1 North Carolina

Joe Kleine’s first memory of Feb. 12, 1984, is inside Dallas’ Anatole Hotel. The 6-foot-11 center watched a half hour of film with coaches before he got his ankles taped. He put on his Arkansas warmups. He walked through the hotel’s lobby and got on the team bus headed to the airport for a chartered flight. Kleine had no clue he was just hours from winning the biggest game in

Brian Flores, more athletes react to George Floyd death, Minneapolis riots

Many people in the sports world have spoken out about the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and ensuing protests across the country. LeBron James shared an image on Instagram of himself wearing a shirt that read “I can’t breathe,” Floyd’s words to now-former police officer Derek Chauvin before Floyd died. Steve Kerr, Carson Wentz and DeMarcus Lawrence have also taken to social media in recent days to express their thoughts.  Friday

Derek Jeter was great, and MLB Network will spend 64 hours of programming to show you why

Sure, some sports are back. But "sports" as we know them are largely still on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. Today is Day 79 without sports. ⚾️ We're closing in on three months in various states of sheltering at home, and boy, does MLB Network want to twist that knife a bit for an increasingly restless yet still largely captive audience. See, baseball's state-run network is bombarding you with 64 hours of programming

Twins' Max Kepler sorry for Blue Lives Matter mask amid Minneapolis protests

Twins right fielder Max Kepler says his upbringing made him ignorant of why the Blue Lives Matter pro-police movement is controversial, and he later apologized for taking a selfie while wearing a mask that displayed the movement’s logo. Kepler said in a Twitter reply (per the New York Daily News) that police in his native Germany wear green. He later posted a longer explanation/apology on his Instagram story, in which he said he received