Alex Yee beats girlfriend to Commonwealth Games gold and accused of betraying agreement

What you need to know ahead of the Commonwealth Games

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Alex Yee won his second gold medal of the Commonwealth Games by leading England to victory in the mixed triathlon. However, he may not be popular at home after beating his Welsh girlfriend Olivia Mathias for the win and backtracking on an agreement to get a dog for the house if both got on the podium.

England won the race by over 46 seconds from Mathias’ Wales squad in second. It was Yee’s second gold of the games having won the men’s single event on Friday. 

Before he reached the medal ceremony he was ambushed by his girlfriend who claimed he had reigned on a commitment to get a dog. But before Yee could even get the medal around his neck, girlfriend Olivia Mathias was claiming he had gone back on a commitment to get a dog for their new house.

“I’m pretty sure we had a deal that if Wales got a medal we could get a puppy,” said Mathias, who helped her team to a surprise silver medal. “But he’s backtracking!”

However, the 24-year-old did not believe he was in the wrong when told what his partner of six years had said.

“No, that’s wrong,” he sputtered. “It’s not right. I didn’t shake on that. I haven’t backtracked.”

Unfortunately for Yee he was dobbed in by his team-mate Sophie Coldwell. “I was there,” she said, laughing. “I think it happened.”

This forced him to finally concede that “maybe after Paris” he might back down and agree to the labrador his Lincoln-born girlfriend has her heart set on.

Yee now adds two Commonwealth medals to the Olympic gold he won in last year’s games in Tokyo. He was keen to praise the home fans for helping the team over the line. 

“Running down the hill was a bit like the Tour De France, everyone on the sides, helicopter above you,” said Yee, who gave England a 20-second lead on his opening leg. “It was really cool.”

Coldwell extended the margin, Sam Dickinson protected it and Georgia Taylor-Brown sealed the deal with 46 seconds to spare.

With Dave Ellis and Katie Crowhurst taking gold medals in the two paratriathlons, it meant a clean sweep for the host nation.

The win brought Ellis consolation after he missed out on a medal in Tokyo when his bike chain snapped. 

While Yee may have initially been reluctant to commit to allowing a dog in his home he is certain to relent as a way to celebrate his and Matthias’ success. 

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