John McEnroe compares Tom Brady and Roger Federer during Laver Cup launch in Boston

Tennis legend John McEnroe was in Boston on Tuesday promoting the fourth edition of the Laver Cup, where he compared sporting greats Roger Federer and Tom Brady.

The rest of the World team captain was introduced to Celtics forward Gordon Hayward before the game as the excitement of the Laver Cup builds up in Boston.

McEnroe then watched a thrilling NBA contest as Caris LeVert scored a career-high 51 points, 37 from the fourth quarter on, as the Brooklyn Nets rallied from 21 points down to stun hosts Boston Celtics 129-120 in overtime.

The three-day team competition pits six of the best players from Europe, captained by Bjorn Borg, against six of their counterparts, led by McEnroe.

7 grand slams, 77 singles titles, 78 doubles titles, one @Celtics jersey.

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I’ve admired watching Tom Brady because he makes players around him better.

John McEnroe on Tom Brady

McEnroe says he does not think tennis has seen the last of Roger Federer playing at an elite level following the 38-year-old’s recent knee surgery.

He said watching Federer competing has parallels to another dominant athlete in Boston.

"I feel like my coaching chops are on the line a little bit so it would be awesome to be able to win one in Boston this September." – John McEnroe, Team World captain. #LaverCup Boston 2020

“It’s like asking the same question on Tom Brady. You know, it’s the exact same thing,” McEnroe said. “I mean, how they keep doing it would be the first thing at their age. It’s phenomenal, right? I mean, how in the world are these guys still playing at such a high level?

“I’ve admired watching Tom Brady because he makes players around him better. But you’re out there on your own and you’re 38 and you could be turning 39 on a tennis court with the wear and tear. That’s really tough. It’s already amazing he’s made it this far.”

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