Fed loves Bradman, sparks viral virus craze

Put down the jigsaw puzzle and toss away the gaming console because Roger Federer has a different way to beat the boredom during self-isolation.

The ATP and WTA tours have been suspended but the tennis star isn’t taking a complete break, uploading a video of himself late last night keeping his volleying skills sharp.

Dressed in all white and rocking a fedora, the Swiss maestro encouraged his followers to repeatedly hit a ball up and down a wall from centimetres away to ensure their racquet-work is precise when they hit the court again.

At the time of writing the clip had received 1.3 million views and replies to the 38-year-old poured in, some of which he was happy to share on his social media channels.

One Twitter user suggested the drill was similar to what Australian cricket legend Don Bradman would do when he practised by hitting a golf ball against a water tank with a single stump.

Amazingly, Federer seemed to know about our greatest ever cricketer, referring to him as “The Don”.

Here’s a helpful solo drill. Let’s see what you got! Reply back with a video and I’ll provide some tips. Choose your hat wisely ??? #tennisathome pic.twitter.com/05lliIqh1h

The Don, I know, incredible https://t.co/tyBQX57Dr0

Plenty of efforts to recreate Federer’s form caught the 20-time grand slam champion’s attention and he was more than happy to dish out praise and advice on Twitter.

He was impressed with the tennis skills on show but perhaps even more-so by punters’ choice of hats, which some ascertained to be the most important component of the entire gig.

That was the right choice of hat,
Love the effort, sorry to your dad! ? ?? https://t.co/COAFAVXhQJ

Love the confidence not to drop the ? on the ? https://t.co/8FdnxfQGXx

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic took up Federer’s challenge, while ESPN tennis analyst Brad Gilbert adopted a modified version of it.

Reigning Australian Open champion Sofia Kenin also joined the fun while former American star Andy Roddick – known for his booming serve – poked fun at the concept.

Even German footballer Toni Kroos had a crack.

La respuesta de @djokernole no tardó en llegar. ? pic.twitter.com/H3niHrnioT

I’m accepting @rogerfederer challenge!
How did I do everyone? @VasekPospisil @matteksands @felixtennis @DjokerNole you’re next ? pic.twitter.com/LfpycMWZW6

⁦@rogerfederer⁩ i am little further back on makeshift wall on construction ? site the other day will try this one ☝️ next time ????? pic.twitter.com/PfCiuo53OI

⚽ @ToniKroos joining the ? fun!#tennisathomepic.twitter.com/tUVFTQUV5B

. @rogerfederer I’d do the backboard challenge, but as you know as well as anyone, I don’t like to volley 🙂

Australian actor Hugh Jackman also took note of Federer’s improvised training drill but, living in New York, is having to exercise differently by jogging up stairs instead.

“Rog, love those trick shots,” Jackman said in a Twitter video. “Unfortunately, we don’t have tennis courts at our place in New York City but we have something you guys don’t have, which is, a lot of this (stairs). Fifteen floors, baby.”

We don’t have a tennis court. But, we do have a lot of these! @rogerfederer #Trainingfromhome https://t.co/SJ8RE6tFDC pic.twitter.com/OLbZoZ9fkF

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