Djokovic ‘demanded personal chef and access to tennis court’ at quarantine hotel

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic reportedly demanded a personal chef and a tennis court after he was swooped into a quarantine hotel upon his controversial arrival in Melbourne.

Djokovic landed down under in order to defend his Australian Open title later this month.

However his visa was dramatically rejected by border control, and he was detained in a quarantine hotel whilst he awaits a decision on his participation.

The Serbian was shipped into the Park Hotel in Melbourne, which is best known for housing detained refugees, and serving maggot infested food.

Upon his arrival at the less than impressive accommodation the world No. 1 reportedly demanded that he receive a personal chef and a tennis court, according to Daily Mail Australia.

However there will be no special treatment for the nine-time Aussie Open champ, after his personal demands were rejected by border force officials.

Djokovic reportedly requested a personal chef in order to stick to his strict gluten-free diet, as well as accommodation that had access to a private tennis court in order to prepare for the Grand Slam this month.

But the Serbian requests fell on deaf ears, and will now wait until Monday to find out whether he will compete at the Australian Open, or be deported back to Serbia.

In support of the world No. 1, Djokovic’s parents have held a press conference in Belgrade to demand his freedom from his detention hotel in Melbourne.

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During their address to the media, the Serbian’s mother Dijana slammed the condition of her son’s hotel, describing him as a ‘prisoner’.

She said: “I spoke with him a couple of hours ago, he was good, we didn’t speak a lot but we spoke for a few minutes.

"He was trying to sleep, but he couldn’t. As a mother, what can I say, you can just imagine how I feel, I feel terrible since yesterday, the last 24 hours.

“They are keeping him like a prisoner, it’s just not fair, it’s not human… His accommodation [is] terrible.

“It’s just some small, immigration hotel, if it is a hotel at all. With bugs, it’s all dirty, the food is terrible.

"They don’t want to give him a chance to move to a better hotel or a rented house."

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