Ravens players dance on Titans' logo after fourth-quarter INT

In the regular-season matchup between Baltimore and Tennessee in November, a pregame dustup occurred when Titans players gathered on the Ravens’ midfield logo. The event included a heated exchange between coaches John Harbaugh and Mike Vrabel. Baltimore players didn’t forget the disrespect. Following a late fourth-quarter interception by cornerback Marcus Peters, a flock of Ravens defenders danced on the Titans’ logo, celebrating a game-icing turnover. “I was just following my

The REAL Last Dance: Forgotten story of Jordan and Washington Wizards

The REAL Last Dance: Netflix smash saw Michael Jordan win six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls… but skipped his encore with the Washington Wizards where he wowed fans aged 40 but was past his best, angered team-mates and was hapless team president Michael Jordan is widely remembered for his stunning career with Chicago Bulls He actually finished his career 700 miles east with the Washington Wizards While there, he

The Last Dance is ESPN's most-watched documentary of all time

Chicago Bulls documentary The Last Dance is ESPN’s most-watched series of all time as nearly 24 MILLION tune in to watch the 10-part series about Michael Jordan and his team-mates Highly-anticipated docuseries has reportedly shattered viewing records The 10-episode documentary chronicled Jordan’s career with the Chicago Bulls Report says 23.8million people tuned in to watch the series on ESPN in America Netflix has revealed the series was watched by 23.8m

'The Last Dance' is reminding us of the genius of Michael Jordan

‘The Last Dance’ is reminding us of the genius of Michael Jordan, a legend who turned players into brands… it makes him look superhuman but I don’t care – he was The Last Dance documentary on Netflix is showing Michael Jordan to be a deity But Jordan made you feel like you were at the centre of the sporting universe   It was a privilege to watch him play and his

The Last Dance: Dennis Rodman takes centre stage in episode three

Episodes three and four of The Last Dance premiere on April 27 with Dennis Rodman’s contribution to the 1990s Chicago Bulls dynasty the primary theme. Follow Sky Sports NBA on Twitter See the NBA's best plays and stay up to date with the latest news The next chapters of the story of Michael Jordan and the 1990s Bulls are released at 8am (UK time) on Monday, April 27 and you

'The Last Dance': 3 things we learned from second night of Michael Jordan documentary

The third and fourth episodes of “The Last Dance” dove deeper into the characters that made up the legendary Bulls dynasty of the ’90s. After being introduced to the backgrounds of the stars, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, last weekend, producers took an in-depth look at forward Dennis Rodman and coach Phil Jackson. Rodman and Jackson are two of the most distinctive personalities in NBA history, and their appearances in Sunday’s showing did not disappoint.

'The Last Dance' documentary: Release date, latest news on ESPN series covering Michael Jordan's Bulls

With the NBA season suspended amid coronavirus concerns around the world, plenty of basketball fans have been asking, or rather begging, ESPN to release “The Last Dance,” a documentary series covering Michael Jordan’s final season with the Bulls. The documentary features never-before-seen footage from Chicago’s 1997-98 championship campaign, including interviews with Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Phil Jackson and other key members of the Bulls’ dynasty. It is also spread out over 10 parts, which