US racehorse rescued from huge fire just a day after lucky escape on highway

A racehorse is in danger of being considered a bad omen after it had two narrow escapes in as many days – neither of which took place on the track.

Bold and Bossy was due to make her racing debut in the US this weekend, but what was supposed to be a landmark couple of days for the two-year-old filly turned into something of a nightmare.

She was spooked by another horse in front of her which started to buck while waiting for the race to begin, so much so that she fell, got back to her feet and then took off without jockey Miguel Mena, according to trainer Michael Ann Ewing.

American roads will be no strangers to Mustangs and Broncos, but it was the filly which caused a stir when it then escaped the confines of the Ellis Park racetrack in Henderson, Kentucky, and began to gallop down Highway 41.

Bold and Bossy was caught on camera trotting down the road while still wearing her saddle emblazoned with the number four.

She even crossed state lines and made her way into Indiana, and stopping her was proving difficult as the fact she was still wearing her blinkers meant she was oblivious to everything around her except the road ahead.

She was stopped eventually, though, as Indiana outlet 14 News reports two passers-by were able to talk to her to slow her down before a county sheriff grabbed the lead.

The two-year-old was said to be dehydrated and had injured its leg, though she was checked by a vet and was "doing well".

But that wasn't to be the end of the drama surrounding Bold and Bossy.

In the early hours of the following morning she was one of seven horses rescued from a huge barn blaze at the Ellis Park racecourse.

"We had one minor injury to one of our equine athletes, but other than that everyone's safe and sound," said general manager Jeff Inman at a press conference.

It is not known whether or not Bold and Bossy was the horse which sustained an injury in the fire.

US racing reporter Ray Paulick said all training and racing was cancelled because of the blaze, which is thought to have been caused by an electrical fault.

Inman praised the fast response of workers at the track to make sure all the horses were rescued from the barn.

He said: "Just the grooms and everybody running out at four o'clock in the morning to get those horses out… Everybody back there always pulls together, without fail."

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