Randy racehorse who tried mounting rival got kicked in the knackers

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A racehorse was dealt a painful double blow when it took a kick to the knackers for trying to mount a rival – before it went on to lose to that same horse in the race that followed.

Most of the competitors at the racecourse in Hanshin, Japan, would have been preparing to dash for the finish line, but thoroughbred T O Conder had other things on his mind.

The horny horse managed to wriggle free and made a beeline for fellow colt Roman Nature.

T O Conder was caught on camera trying to mount his rival, forcing the jockey to quickly dismount and get clear of the scene.

And it was a good thing he did, as he was only a few feet away when Roman Nature kicked out twice – the first of which caught his rival in a very painful place.

The two horses can then be seen trotting away, with the aggressor clearly getting the message after being on the receiving end of that shot to the privates.

Racing manager Andrew Hawkins witnessed the incident and shared the footage on social media.

He described it as "one of the most extraordinary scenes before a race at Hanshin".

"T O Conder got loose, tried to mount Roman Nature, who promptly gave him a kick where the sun don't shine," he said.

The low blow wasn't the only humiliation T O Conder was forced to suffer at the track that day, as he then went on to be beaten by the horse which had just kicked him in the knackers – though it's difficult to say if the whack had any impact on his performance.

Hawkins continued: "For the record, Roman Nature finished fourth with T O Conder in sixth, so all in all Roman Nature clearly won the day and T O Conder had his pride – as well as other things – well and truly hurt."

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