How to play SuperCoach Racing

SuperCoach Racing is here, and it’s your chance to live like Lloyd Williams or John Singleton and chase Group One glory with your very own stable of equine superstars.

The game is completely free, so challenge your mates for ultimate bragging rights.

Just like our great NRL, AFL and BBL SuperCoach games the rules are simple. You’re a real owner with a real budget to spend and each week you will receive points based on the performance of your stable.

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Register to play SuperCoach Racing now.Source:The Daily Telegraph

Registering for SuperCoach Racing is completely free and takes just a couple of minutes.


When does SuperCoach Racing open for 2019?

You can register your team now and start selecting your team for Round One here.

I’ve registered so now what do I need to do?

Your first job is to select a stable of 10 horses and a jockey before the first round of the competition begins. Your initial salary cap is $2 million – this can increase or decrease throughout the season but more on that below – and you must fit all 10 horses under that cap, the jockey is free.

How do I score points?

Every time one of your horses finishes within the first ten places in a race you will receive points. The higher they place, the more points you get. The tougher the race, the more points you get. You nominate one ‘captain’ per week and receive double points for that runner. Your jockey will also earn points for every race in which he or she finishes first, second or third in that round.

What do horse prices mean and why/how do they change?

Horses have been assigned a value based on previous form and current rating. The cheapest horses available start at $50,000, the most expensive in round one are $500,000. Horse values will begin to change based on their finishing position from the completion of round one. The better your stable performs in each round, the more money you will have to spend in the sale yard ahead of the next round.

SC Racing price changes

How can I reset my SuperCoach stable between rounds?

At the completion of the round you have unlimited trades to reset your stable and target the next round. You can also change your selected jockey to target the hoop with the best book of rides that round. Remember that your stable is locked in at the start of each round, which is the start time of the first race of round. Once a round has begun your stable cannot be edited for that round.

So register here and then come back for some helpful tactics and tricks from our stable of SuperCoach and racing experts to give you the edge over your mates.

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