Alex Hales returns to the UK and is in isolation after showing symptoms

Alex Hales has been named as the overseas player in the Pakistan Super League who caused its postponement at the semi-final stage due to showing symptoms of coronavirus.

Hales returned home to the UK 'a few days ago' and is in isolation while all players, support staff, match officials, broadcasters and production crew will undergo tests to see if they have it.

The England batsman later revealed he is in self-isolation after developing coronavirus symptoms.

Hales is awaiting a test to confirm whether he has the virus.

Despite the desire of Pakistan Cricket Board chief executive Wasim Khan hoping to keep Hales' identity a secret, commentator Ramiz Raja let slip in an interview on the tournament's suspension.

With games already being played behind closed doors Raja said: “It is an unfortunate scenario. A good and right decision has been made in the end. The news is coming.

“Alex Hales has developed some symptoms and the tests are underway.

"We, the broadcasters and the commentators, are also undergoing tests in the next two hours.”

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