'You are here to play football!': Fernandes fumes at Fred and Telles

‘You’re here to play football, NOT film it!’: New footage emerges of Bruno Fernandes fuming at Man United’s Brazil duo Fred and Alex Telles, shouting ‘film my d**k’ in anger at a lack of professionalism

  • Bruno Fernandes was seen shouting at team-mates Fred and Alex Telles in video 
  • The Man United star tells the duo to stop filming and to start training for the day 
  • The Brazilians tell Fernandes to ‘chill out’ following his expletive-filled rant 
  • Fans online have lauded the ‘captain’s mind-set’ shown by the Portuguese star  

Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes was caught telling his team-mates Fred and Alex Telles to ‘stop being such ballers’ in an expletive rant at their lack of professionalism that’s emerged online.

The Brazilian duo were filming outside of United’s Carrington training ground when the Portuguese international calls over to them and tells them to stop filming and start training.

Bruno Fernandes (right) has been filmed raging at Man United’s Brazil duo Fred (far left) and Alex Telles (right of far left) as they filmed something outside of the club’s training ground

Fernandes insisted the pair ‘stop being such ballers’ before the Brazilians told him to ‘chill out’ 

The encounter was captured as part of Telles’ ‘A day in the life’ video with Brazilian football marketing agency O Clube Football, with the footage appearing on social media this week.

In the footage, United’s Brazilian duo are stood outside Carrington when Fernandes spots his team-mates from afar and calls out: ‘Stop being such ‘ballers’!’

The Portuguese international then says: ‘You are here to play football, not film it!’

Before telling the camera crew to: ‘Film my d**k.’

Fred and Telles, who are seemingly bemused by Fernandes’ aggression, tell the midfielder: ‘Chill out you f****r!’

Despite the use of expletives, the exchange is presumably banter between team-mates, but that hasn’t stopped fans online from lauding the ‘captain mentality’ shown by the Portuguese midfielder.

One fan claimed: ‘Need more of this mentality. Enough Lingards and Pogbas. Need more Vidic and Keane mentality in the dressing room.’

Brazilian duo Fred and Alex Telles were on the end of a verbal berating from Fernandes

‘That character was shown by Roy Keane. He deserves to be the next #MUFC captain,’ another user wrote.

Fans calling for Fernandes to be the next captain isn’t the most unusual thing, given the possibility that Harry Maguire could be relieved of the armband this season. 

As Sportsmail reported this week, United will keep the England international centre-back but he could well be stripped of the responsibility of leading the side.

It comes after a distinctly shaky 2021-22 season in which Maguire’s leadership and defensive qualities were repeatedly called into question.

Meanwhile, Fernandes’ leadership credentials are shown by the fact he played pretty much every game for United and is regarded as one of the first names on the team-sheet. 

Bruno Fernandes took the captain’s armband when Maguire was unavailable last season

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