Which clubs are best at dealing with a European hangover?

REVEALED: Klopp has the second-best win rate of ANY Premier League boss in games straight after European matches, while Solskjaer struggles.. but who copes best with a Euro hangover?

  • A new survey has revealed which clubs are best after playing European fixtures
  • Teams and managers qualify if they’ve had five league games after European tie
  • Jurgen Klopp, despite scheduling moans, has the second-best record of bosses
  • Leicester, meanwhile, perform best of any clubs in league games post-Europe

Jurgen Klopp has the second-best win percentage of any Premier League manager in games immediately after a European tie, despite his constant moans about the hectic schedule.

Liverpool have enjoyed much success in recent seasons, winning both the Premier League and Champions League, but Klopp has been furious recently in regular rants at the sheer number of games his side and others are facing.

But despite being aghast at the lack of a five-subs rule, and fuming at having to play on a Saturday lunchtime after a Wednesday night game, it appears Klopp is quite good at managing his side through it.

Jurgen Klopp has an excellent record in Premier League matches after a Champions League tie

Klopp has moaned about the scheduling, but his Liverpool team always find a way to win

Leicester – 64.3%

Manchester City – 59.6%

Manchester United – 58.2%

Arsenal – 54.2%

Chelsea – 54.2%

As revealed by a survey from BettingOdds.com, Klopp is the second most successful manager in the last five years, earning an average of 2.13 points per game in the matches immediately after a European tie, which includes the Champions League, Europa League and the European Super Cup.

He is bettered only by Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola (2.22 PPG), while Unai Emery and Brendan Rodgers are third and fourth respectively.

To qualify for the study, all teams and managers involved must have participated in at least five Premier League games that have directly followed a European fixture within the same week. 

In terms of clubs, it is perhaps surprising to see that Leicester are top of the table when it comes to results after a European game, with the Foxes having won 64.3 per cent of their matches.

Manchester City are second with 62.3 per cent, and Liverpool are third with 60 per cent. At the other end of the scale, Everton have the worst record with just a 22.3 per cent win rate from their nine matches over the past five years. 

Leicester are a surprising leader in the PPG tally, dealing with their European hangovers well

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s record leaves a lot to be desired though – he sits a dismal third last


Highest Points Per Game

Pep Guardiola – 2.22 / 41 Games

Jurgen Klopp – 2.13 / 48 Games

Unai Emery – 2 / 17 Games

Brendan Rodgers – 1.83 / 6 Games

Claude Puel – 1.83 / 6 Games

Claudio Ranieri – 1.83 / 6 Games

Arsene Wenger – 1.8 / 25 Games

Maurizio Sarri – 1.77 / 13 Games

Frank Lampard – 1.67 / 12 Games


Highest Points Per Game

Leicester – 2.14 / 14 Games

Liverpool – 2.08 / 50 Games

Manchester City – 2.06 / 53 Games

Arsenal – 1.78 / 50 Games

Tottenham – 1.78 / 50 Games

Manchester United – 1.52 / 52 Games

Wolves – 1.5 / 12 Games

Chelsea – 1.44 / 41 Games

Everton – 1 / 9 Games

For Manchester United fans, meanwhile, the survey also does not make for happy reading, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer only gaining an average of 1.44 points in the games straight after a match in the Champions League or Europa League.

That puts him 15th, or third worst, in the list of managers, behind the likes of Claude Puel, Maurizio Sarri and Manuel Pellegrini.

In the win percentage table, United are sixth with 42.3 per cent, behind most of their traditional rivals – but they do just pip Chelsea (36.6 per cent) to the post.

In yet more misfortune for Everton, they top both the ‘highest dropped points percentage’ table and the list for ‘highest loss percentage’. 

Pep Guardiola has best managerial record from the last five years, with 2.22 points-per-game

Look away Alan Pardew, who holds a 0.88 points-per-game league record after a European tie


Highest Points Per Game

Sir Alex Ferguson – 2.59 / 29 Games

Rafael Benitez – 2.44 / 9 Games

Carlo Ancelotti – 2.3 / 10 Games

Pep Guardiola – 2.22 / 41 Games

David Moyes – 2.2 / 10 Games

Jurgen Klopp – 2.13 / 48 Games

Unai Emery – 2 / 17 Games

Arsene Wenger – 1.86 / 71 Games

Harry Redknapp – 1.85 / 20 Games

Jose Mourinho – 1.84 / 62 Games 



Lowest Points Per Game

Alan Pardew – 0.88 / 8 Games

Antonio Conte – 1 / 8 Games

Ronald Koeman – 1 / 9 Games

Martin Jol – 1.22 / 9 Games

Garry Monk – 1.33 / 9 Games

Roberto Di Matteo – 1.4 / 5 Games

Roberto Martinez – 1.4 / 10 Games

Tony Pulis – 1.4 / 10 Games

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – 1.44 / 16 Games

Louis Van Gaal – 1.5 / 10 Games


When the survey is extended from five years to 10 years, Sir Alex Ferguson comes to the fore, sitting pretty with an average of 2.59 points per game in the matches immediately after a round of Champions League fixtures.

He is followed by Rafael Benitez and Carlo Ancelotti, before Guardiola and Klopp come in fourth and fifth respectively.

At the opposite end of the 10-year scale, look away now Alan Pardew. The former Newcastle boss managed just 0.88 points per game following a European tie, while Antonio Conte and Ronald Koeman follow him in a close second with 1.0 PPG.  

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