Wayne Rooney explains which player Alex Ferguson really targeted in their rows

Wayne Rooney has revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson often criticised him for dribbling too much- but thinks Nani was the player who he really wanted to take aim at.

Rooney will face his former team while playing for Derby County in the FA Cup fifth round tonight, with United's all-time top goalscorer sure to get a huge reception from the travelling Red Devils supporters.

The 34-year-old spent 13 seasons at Old Trafford playing under the legendary Ferguson, and speaking to the Daily Mail he spoke of how the Scottish manager would take a different approach to different players.

"He would have a good at me for dribbling," Rooney said. "I very rarely dribble… well, I dribbled a bit more then… but (with) Nani, it would just maybe trigger something in (his) head, thinking, 'Oh maybe I shouldn't dribble as much'.

"He knew how to get that message across without being… without losing it. If he spoke to Nani the way he spoke to me, he'd break down in tears. He wouldn't be able to go back out!"

While Rooney and Ferguson clearly clashed on a regular basis, with their relationship turning sour towards the end of the former England player's time at the club, Rooney insists he relished their verbal battles.

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