Watch Thomas Frank learn of Brentford’s Covid cases as he begs for postponements

Fans were shocked to see the sight of Thomas Frank not only pleading for the Premier League to be called off for this weekend but also having one of his backroom staff inform him mid-conference that further Brentford players have caught Covid-19.

Supporters wait about whether the weekend’s games will go ahead as the number of cases surge.

Managers have been asked recently about players who have refused the jab, but none have been as forthright as Frank, who asked for the league to postpone games.

He said during the Bee’s press conference: “We think Premier League clubs should be much more open about how cases we have. I think there should be something that if you have the cases. There should be a clear indication.

“This moment in time we have nine positive in total, between staff and players. We have had more over the last ten days or something like that.

“We think that we should postpone the full round of Premier League games this weekend. The cases are going through the roof at Premier League clubs.”

Later in the press conference, a staff member spoke in Frank’s ear as a journalist was asking about the upcoming clash against Southampton.

The manager relayed what he was just told. “Four more cases. OK, I can do my maths now: nine plus four is 13.”

There is a round of Premier League fixtures presumably going ahead, with Liverpool playing Newcastle, Leicester playing Tottenham, and Chelsea playing Everton.

But Burnley’s match at home against Watford became the third fixture called off in the last week. Manchester United are understood to have as many as 20 cases among players and staff.

At the time of writing, further games are set to go ahead this weekend despite a number of outbreaks at clubs. But no official announcement has been released yet.

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