Thomas Tuchel set to meet up with Frank Lampard despite replacing him at Chelsea

Frank Lampard sent Thomas Tuchel a good luck message and they will meet up when lockdown restrictions end.

Tuchel also insisted the club have reassured him it was “not his fault” that Lampard was sacked as fans are still divided on Chelsea ’s latest managerial change.

Chelsea legend Lampard was axed on Monday and Tuchel brought in straight away with the ex-Paris Saint Germain boss accepting they are big shoes to fill.

Tuchel said: “I have the biggest respect for him personally and for his legacy.

"It just got better when I received a message this morning, a personal message to wish me all the best, and saying we can maybe meet in the future when this is possible.

“I can absolutely assume that it’s a big, big disappointment for the fanbase to see that Frank was sacked. I said this in my first statement and I can only repeat, I have the biggest respect.

“I was a huge fan of Frank as a player and it was a pure joy to watch him play, to see how he played and with what personality he played.

"He was one of the key figures to demonstrate in 90 minutes what Chelsea is about: about intensity, devotion, a winning mentality.

“But in the last 72 hours, the club made clear to me that this is not my fault. Clearly not my fault. I cannot change the situation for him. The decision was made and I was handed the opportunity, but I mean what I say. So, honestly, nothing has changed there.

“I hope there will not be a fan backlash because that would be hard on the team. We need our supporters like any team. In a stadium like ours and at a club like ours, like Chelsea, to have the fans so close behind the team, it makes the difference.”

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