Soccer AM’s worst crossbar challenge attempts – including Mido’s two stinkers

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    The end of Soccer AM didn't come with some massive blow-off show with the return of long-time heroes and fan-favourite sections.

    Instead, it happened one Wednesday morning in March (22 March 2023, to be exact). Staff were informed on Wednesday morning that Sky were pulling the plug on the famous show after almost 30 years in the prime time slot on Saturdays.

    One of the best segments to emerge from the show was the crossbar challenge, where footballers attempted to strike the crossbar from the halfway line. However, not every attempt has been close… and some have been outright awful.

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    Okay, you've seen it a million times – Mido lines up in the halfway line all smiles, and he proceeds to hammer the ball out for a throw-in.

    Mido was at Wigan during his famous attempt. And it was at the – then named – DW Stadium where he played his best football, turning into a 'one-season wonder' as he starred as part of an exciting Latics side in the top flight.

    As a result, Mido's attempt resembled a fan who'd won the opportunity to dress as Mido and take his attempt.

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    Billy Paynter

    Billy Paynter played for Leeds United with the Peacocks well and truly in the doldrums as they seemed destined to spend eternity in the footballing wilderness.

    Paynter, who was a striker and managed three goals in 28 appearances for Leeds, stepped up for his crossbar challenge and hooked the ball well wide to the right-hand side of the goal.

    Amazingly, the attempt isn't the worst thing he did as a Leeds player – that would be leaving Elland Road in 2012 to travel 30 minutes south and sign for Yorkshire rivals Doncaster Rovers.

    Jake Livermore

    It's easy to forget, but Jake Livermore was once an England international; making seven appearances, including a 54-minute cameo against Brazil.

    Livermore steps up confidently, almost arrogantly, as he takes a slow nonchalant run-up, and his connection seems sweet enough. However, Livermore's aim is way off – and the ball flies off to the right-hand side of the goal.

    Interestingly, in the same session for Hull City, Harry Maguire and Andy Robertson both take part… and yes, their attempts are a lot better than Livermore's.

    Lee Trundle

    Lee Trundle's attempt was, of course, going to be box office – especially when instead of naming his position, as is the norm, he joked he was an "entertainer".

    Trundle – who was at Swansea at the time, and sporting a mohawk – seemed to hit a balloon as the ball was sent into orbit, before it came crashing down to earth way behind the net. And the strike was met with jeers and laughter from team-mates.

    Fortunately, for Trundle, he'll be remembered for his questionable fashion sense in the video, rather than the strike.

    Mido (again)

    Mido, again? Yes really.

    Okay, so there is a reason Mido appears on this list twice, and it's not just for two shocking attempts. The video of his Wigan attempt went viral on social media again last month, and Mido shared with the world why he spooned the ball.

    He tweeted: "Again… my driver's dream was to appear on TV… but shot the ball towards him so he can be on TV… I would do it again and again watch how happy he is."


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