Seven of Roy Keane's most CUTTING one-liners as a TV pundit

‘You never won a Premier League title’: SEVEN of Roy Keane’s most CUTTING one-liners as a TV pundit featuring Jamie Carragher, Paul Pogba, Adam Lallana, Ian Wright and Micah Richards

  • Roy Keane’s ruthless punditry style has claimed many victims in recent years
  • Keane engaged in a verbal battle with Sky’s Jamie Carragher earlier this season
  • The Manchester United legend also took aim at Paul Pogba for his performances
  • Keane had a sly dig at Adam Lallana for his apparent lack of physical strength 

Roy Keane’s relentless pursuit of success saw him become one of the finest midfielders of his generation and win 12 major trophies in a 17-year playing career.

His uncompromising manner also saw him engage in fierce rivalries with opposition players, managers and even team-mates inside his own dressing room.

Since hanging up his boots in 2006, Keane has transferred his ruthless style into life as a coach and pundit. Sportsmail recalls his most acidic put downs and one-liners in recent years. 

Roy Keane’s relentless drive saw him become one of the finest midfielders of his generation 

His uncompromising manner also saw him engage in fierce rivalries with opposition players

Keane has transferred his ruthless playing style into his new life as a coach and TV pundit

Keane on Carragher not winning the Premier League   

Roy Keane knows a thing or two about winning Premier League titles. He won seven of them as a player and was captain of four of those title-winning sides at Manchester United.

It’s for that reason the Irishman took umbrage with Jamie Carragher’s lengthy monologue about the tools required to win a Premier League title having never won one himself.

As Carragher discussed Manchester United’s plight since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013, Keane’s eyes narrowed before he interjected with a verbal gem in the Sky Sports studio.

Carragher said: ‘For three or four years we [Liverpool] were finishing sixth and seventh, exactly where United are now. Luis Suarez arrived and we nearly won the title. Sometimes that one player can make a huge difference.’

Keane replied: ‘Jamie, you said almost winning the title. You didn’t win a title. You are talking about Manchester United here.’

Jamie Carragher was left stunned after Roy Keane reminded him of his lack of league titles

Keane takes aim at Paul Pogba

If Keane had still been a Manchester United player now, it’s unlikely he’d have approved of Paul Pogba’s penchant for flashy haircuts and dabbing. 

In his four years at United, Pogba has divided opinion amongst supporters, with moments of extraordinary brilliance interspersed with mediocrity and disinterest.

After the Frenchman attempted to issue a rallying cry following another poor run of form, Keane questioned the sincerity of his words.

Keane said: ‘I wouldn’t believe a word he says. There’s no meaning behind it. I don’t even think he believed it himself.

‘He said how it got a bit heated after the loss at Everton, I heard they were actually throwing their hair gel at each other, it got that heated…’

‘He’s a big problem for United.’

Keane said Paul Pogba was a ‘big problem’ for Manchester United and questioned his attitude

Keane compares Adam Lallana to his daughter

Poor Adam Lallana. He’s never shared a pitch with Keane as a player and the pair have never met in person but even he couldn’t escape the Irishman’s acid tongue.

The midfielder enjoyed a rare start for Liverpool in their 2-0 defeat to Chelsea in the fifth round of the FA Cup in March but Keane wasn’t impressed with his display.

The following week, as Chelsea prepared to face Everton at Goodison Park, Keane claimed the Toffees would be a much tougher test after suggesting Lallana had provided little resistance.  

Keane said: ‘I think Everton in a strange way will be a tougher test than the Liverpool game because I think Lallana was in midfield the other night for Liverpool and my daughter’s probably stronger than him.’

Keane hit out at Lallana’s lack of stature, claiming his ‘daughter was probably stronger’

Keane’s war of words with Jon Walters

If there’s one thing Keane doesn’t seem to like, it’s an Irishman with an English accent. Especially if his name is Jon Walters.

Keane was Walters’ manager at Ipswich but the pair fell out as the forward pushed for a move elsewhere before eventually being sold to Stoke City.

The pair crossed paths again when Keane was Republic of Ireland assistant manager, with the former midfielder taking issue with Walters’ lack of consistency.

Keane said to Off The Ball: ‘Jon did well towards the end of my time with Ireland, I have to be honest. But are you going to live off that for the next 20 or 30 years? 

 ‘Jon talks a good game, he was demanding to leave when I was at Ipswich. Imagine if he had a good CV, imagine if he’d won a trophy.

‘He hadn’t kicked a ball for Burnley for two years and then he’s on the radio. Why not lay low for a little while? Take a look at his medals. That wouldn’t take long.’ 

Keane fell out with Jon Walters multiple times during spells with Ipswich Town and Ireland

Keane has a dig at Gary Neville’s time at Valencia 

Keane’s managerial career has been a curious one. A brilliant start at Sunderland saw him win promotion to the Premier League before he left four months into the following season after a difficult start.

Since then, a disappointing two-year spell at Ipswich was followed by spells as an assistant manager at Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa and Republic of Ireland.

Keane was recently asked about the possibility of him returning to management, with an interviewee suggesting Real Madrid ‘wouldn’t come knocking’ but the 48-year-old said a high profile club wasn’t out of the question.

Off The Ball: You said you want to go back into management, but Real Madrid won’t come calling…

Keane: ‘You never know, Valencia called Gary.’

Neville was left in hysterics after Keane made a cutting jibe about his time at Valencia

Keane tells Ian Wright to ‘get a reality check’

Keane has shown his willingness to engage in on-air debates with his co-pundits at Sky and ITV but Ian Wright has rarely been on the receiving end of his worst barbs.

That changed during the summer of 2018 when the pair were discussing England’s World Cup semi-final exit at the hands of Croatia. 

Keane felt Wright and a number of other English pundits had been guilty of planning for the final before they’d reached it.

Keane said to ITV: ‘We’re talking about England, we’re talking about the final, France. You have to focus on just one game but everyone was talking about the final. ‘Football is coming home.’

Wright replied: ‘We weren’t talking about the final, we was having a laugh with you. We were happy, you weren’t happy with us being happy.

Keane: ‘I don’t mind you being happy, but you’re getting carried away, you were planning the final and where the parades were, you need a reality check.’ 

Keane accused Wright of planning for the World Cup final before England’s semi-final exit

Keane questions Micah Richards’ career

Micah Richards’ infectious laugh and humorous anecdotes from his playing days have seen him become an instant hit in his first few months as a football pundit.

Richards admitted he’d underachieved as he described his rise to prominence at Manchester City and England call-up at 18 to Sky’s David Jones.

But Keane took issue with Richards’ description of his initial breakthrough into the pro ranks, forcing the former City man to fight back.

Richards: ‘I burst onto the scene didn’t I? I was meant to be the next best thing. Yes, I won a Premier League which is the best thing you could ever do, and I won the FA Cup and got to play for a team that I love, but I underachieved.

Keane: ‘Did you burst on to the scene? Very few defenders burst onto the scene.’ 

Richards: Do you not remember my header against Aston Villa? ‘I played for England at 18, youngest ever defender to play for England. I would say that’s bursting onto the scene!’

Keane smirked after questioning Richards’ assertion that he’d ‘burst onto the scene’ at 18


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