Screaming Rangers fan smacks pavement in the rain after Frankfurt heartbreak

A Rangers fan was filmed screaming in agony and smacking the pavement in the pouring rain after the Europa League final defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt.

Rangers suffered heartbreak on Wednesday night as Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s side lost 5-4 on penalties. The close manner of their defeat would have devastated the 100,000 Gers fans who took to Seville to cheer on their side, but one supporter took it to a whole new level.

Viral footage on social media following the match showed the shocking scenes of a heartbroken fan reacting in the worst way imaginable to his side being knocked out of the competition at the last hurdle.

The clip showed a fan kneeling over on the pavement in tears while a friend recorded his reaction. He then began punching the ground with force before facing the camera and letting out a scream.

The supporter was also filmed laying flat on the wet floor while sobbing.

His friend, who calmly handed him his wallet, could be heard telling another individual: “Rangers lost, that’s why he’s on the ground,” before adding: “He’s alright. He’s fine.”

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Other fans of the Glasgow club sparked controversy as fighting broke out in Seville prior to the match. Footage showed supporters of the two finalists launching chairs at each other and exchanging punches.

In Glasgow, a group of Rangers fans were caught on camera brawling after the defeat. A girl was dragged through the street by her hair before taking heavy blows on the floor, while Rangers fans rolled around in the road near the city centre.

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