Referee has scream-off with Deulofeu – and fans want official in Premier League

Serie A referee Juan Luca Saachi has impressed Premier League fans after he was seen engaging in a screaming match with former Watford winger Gerard Deulofeu.

The incident occurred during Inter Milan's 2-0 home win over Deulofeu's Udinese on Sunday, with the Spaniard incensed by a decision to disallow a goal for his side.

As he protested to Saachi, the referee responded in animated fashion as he shouted at Deulofeu and told him to "stay calm".

Saachi's response worked to diffuse the situation as Deulofeu quickly stopped protesting his case and walked away after realising he would not change the official's mind.

The animated and passionate response of Saachi impressed English fans, who took to Twitter to call for him to move to the Premier League.

One fan wrote: “Need this kind of refereeing in the EFL and Premier League."

Another tweeted: “Love that. Refs should be able to react like that whenever they’re given the same."

A third supporter added: “English refs would apologise then give the goal."

Should more referees react how Juan Luca Sacchi did? Let us know in the comments section below.

Fans also compared Sacchi to legendary Italian referee Pierluigi Collina, who is widely regarded as the best referee of all-time with his stern approach earning the respect of players and fans.

Sacchi, 37, first officiated in Serie A in 2015 and also regularly takes charge of matches in the Italian second tier as well as the top flight.

However, he has yet to be selected by UEFA to officiate matches in the Champions League and Europa League.

If he were to move to the Premier League in the future, he would not be the first foreign official to referee in the English top flight.

Australian Jarred Gillett became the league's first non-English referee when he took charge of the 1-1 draw between Watford and Newcastle United in September.

There is one former Serie A referee currently officiating in England, as Claudio Gavillucci is moving through the ranks on our shores, years after he was sacked for stopping a game for racist abuse.

As for Deulofeu, he joined Udinese permanently from Watford in January after an initial loan spell, having spent two and a half years with the Hornets.

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