Referee 'BANNED FOR LIFE after holding a VAR review on a fan's phone'

Serbian referee ‘is BANNED FOR LIFE after using footage on a fan’s phone to overturn an offside decision’… as ex-Manchester United and Chelsea star Nemanja Matic joins outrage on social media

  • Referee Stefan Lazovic has reportedly been banned for life by Serbian chiefs 
  • The match official went viral after using a fan’s phone to check an offside call
  • Lazovic’s alleged dismissal has since sparked outrage on social media platforms
  • Roma midfielder Nemanja Matic showed his support of Lazovic on Instagram

The Serbian referee who hilariously used footage on a fan’s mobile phone to overturn an offside decision has been banned for life, according to reports.

Stefan Lazovic went viral after pictures emerged of his budget ‘VAR check’ in one of Serbia’s lower-tier competitions earlier this week. 

The match official originally ruled out a goal for offside before studying the spectator’s video, eventually deciding that the player was in fact onside.

The referee who used footage from a fan’s phone has been banned for life according to reports

According to the Sun, Serbian chiefs were not impressed by the decision and have since stripped Lazovic of his duties. 

Lazovic’s alleged dismissal sparked outrage on social media, as fans stood in support of the referee.

The original comment written by ftbl.serbia read: ‘Support for Stefan Lazovic! Why should only he suffer, why such a rigorous sentence, why a lifetime ban from trial?

Stefan Lazovic overturned an offside decision after checking out a video taken by a supporter 

‘How is it possible that there is no penalty for the delegate and all other authorities from the responsible FS of that district?

‘How could the match be allowed to be played without one assistant referee?! Who is responsible here? Why does Stefan’s spear break?

‘At the end of the day, the fact that he watched the video and changed the decision, just shows that he wanted everything to be FAIR!

‘He talks about the fact that he was not a slave to his vanity, but he admitted and corrected his mistake.

Roma midfielder Nemanja Matic has since shown his support to Lazovic across social media

‘Well, this video went around the world and now millions of people have heard about the ‘over there’ football clubs Popovic and Apollon, as well as the village of Vrnjci! 

‘In short, we appeal to the judges’ organisation and the competent authorities – now you CHANGE the decision! Let the VAR system work for you too and cancel the penalty. Correct the ERROR!


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