‘Put your hands away, you f***ing idiots’

The fears of coronavirus have gripped the world as the deadly virus continues to spread.

Health authorities across the globe continue to issue statements on how best to stem the flow of the spread with one precaution being not to shake hands. It appears some people still aren’t paying attention.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has shredded journalists in two separate interviews over the past two weeks over coronavirus questions, but he showed he’s still taking the matter incredibly seriously.

Ahead of Liverpool’s Champions League clash against Atletico Madrid at Anfield, Klopp scolded several fans near the tunnel.

As he made his way out onto the field, fans were hanging over the railing attempting to get high fives from players when they drew the wrath of Klopp.

The 52-year-old manager unleashed and told fans, while gesturing wildly, “put your hands away, you f***ing idiots”.

I’m in love with Jurgen Klopp. pic.twitter.com/z1cG7o1S19

Sports stars have been told to scrap the pre-match handshakes, while many European games are being held behind closed doors this week in a bid to prevent the spread.

Klopp took aim at a journalist the day before Liverpool’s blockbuster encounter when he was once again asked about the impact of coronavirus and if there was any concern Liverpool’s players would be infected by playing.

“Are you concerned?” Klopp asked.

“We are part of the society and we should all be worried.

“That’s exactly the thing I don’t like, that you sit here and ask me this question but fly from Madrid to here.

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“Stay there. They closed schools and universities and you are obviously concerned, but you think now football is worth it to travel?

“That’s our problem. That’s our common problem and we cannot solve it with football.

“We play football. That’s our part, what we have to do. Your job is to transport information and I hope you do it better than you ask questions, to be honest.

“That’s the moment where I really get angry. When you give me the feeling I have a problem that you don’t have. We all have the same problem.”

Klopp was not happy about being asked about the coronavirus again pic.twitter.com/hbFKP5grEd

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the sporting landscape with events being cancelled and postponed across the world.

On Wednesday Juventus confirmed one of its players, Daniele Rugani, had contracted the virus, becoming the first high-profile athlete to test positive.

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