Premier League stars find unusual ways around coronavirus handshake ban

The Premier League's stars have been giving each other fist bumps rather than the traditional pre-game handshake following the recent outbreak of coronavirus.

An alternative walk-out protocol has been introduced, with handshakes having been abandoned in order to prevent the further spread of the virus.

A statement on Thursday said: "The Premier League fair-play handshake will not take place between players and match officials from this weekend until further notice based on medical advice.

"Coronavirus is spread via droplets from the nose and mouth and can be transmitted on to the hands and passed on via a handshake.

"Clubs and match officials will still perform the rest of the traditional walk-out protocol ahead of each fixture.

"On entering the field of play, the two teams will continue to line up, accompanied by the Premier League music, then players from the home team will walk past their opposition without shaking their hands."

A number of clubs in England have already banned handshakes at their training sessions, including Newcastle United, Southampton , West Ham United and Wolves .

Other European clubs have also taken similar measures.

Liverpool ’s clash with Bournemouth at Anfield on Saturday lunchtime was the first game that saw the new measure in place.

The home players walked past their visiting counterparts without touching hands.

All sporting events in Italy, which is the European country most affected by the coronavirus, will be played behind closed doors until 3 April.

Meanwhile, the second leg of Valencia and Atalanta’s Champions League tie in Spain will also have no fans present at the stadium.

However, matches in the English top-flight have so far been unaffected by the outbreak.

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