Premier League players at AFCON 2022: Who was called up and when they leave

The Africa Cup of Nations tournament is a go, and as a result, a number of Premier League players will be obligated to depart their club squads for the duration of their country’s stay in the 2022 competition played in Cameroon. 

The tournament was originally scheduled for the summer of 2021, but it was postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. There were fears that it could be cancelled outright due to the rise in cases stemming from the Omicron variant, but the determination was ultimately made to move forward with the tournament.

AFCON 2021 will take place from January 9 to February 6, meaning players can miss up to a month of club soccer, plus any additional rest required following their stay in the competition. The tournament will be hosted in Cameroon, with six venues across five cities scheduled to hold matches.

Here are all the details on players departing the Premier League and what matches they could miss.

When do Premier League players leave for AFCON?

Clubs are not obligated to release players competing in the Africa Cup of Nations until January 3, meaning players shall be available for Premier League matches on New Year’s weekend on Jan. 1-2, during which 14 of the 20 Premier League clubs have scheduled matches. Manchester United and Wolves play on January 3.

The first match of the AFCON competition takes place on January 9 between hosts Cameroon and Burkina Faso, with Ethiopia and Cape Verde also playing on opening day. The schedule then calls for three to four group stage matches held each day. The Round of 16 kicks off on Sunday, Jan. 23.

Players will return to their clubs once their country is eliminated, so the players will trickle back into Premier League action as the month progresses, with those players reaching the final seeing the longest absences.

Which Premier League players are leaving for AFCON?

A total of 16 of 20 Premier League clubs will experience a thinner squad for the coming month as players depart to compete in AFCON. Leeds United, Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United and Norwich City are the only four teams that will not be impacted.

Of the 38 Premier League players that will be released, Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, and Watford will be the hardest hit, all losing four players each. The Foxes seem to be the club with the most to lose, already very thin thanks to injury troubles. Arsenal will see a number of starters or critical squad players depart, while Liverpool will lose a pair of star attacking players.

Here is the full list of players leaving Premier League clubs after being called up for the tournament:


Aston Villa





Hakim Ziyech is a regular member of the Morocco side but he was left out of the AFCON squad due to a rift with the national team head coach.

Crystal Palace


Leicester City


Manchester City

Manchester United



Emmanuel Dennis was called into the Nigeria squad, but will not participate after the national team missed a deadline for informing Watford of his inclusion.

West Ham


Premier League AFCON player call-ups by nation

Ivory Coast will have the most Premier League players on the squad than any other nation with seven. Ghana and Nigeria will have six EPL players each.

Algeria (2):

Burkina Faso (1): 

Egypt (3):

Gabon (1): 

Ghana (6): 

Guineau (2):

Ivory Coast (7): 

Mali (2): 

Morocco (2):

Nigeria (6):

Senegal (5): 

Zimbabwe (1): 

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