Premier League clubs revise plans to rip up pitches this summer

Premier League clubs revise plans to rip up pitches this summer as uncertainty over football’s future grows due to the coronavirus crisis

  • A number of Premier League clubs have revised plans to rip up their pitches
  • Clubs are concerned regarding the uncertainty over the gap between seasons
  • The situation has raised worries over how the pitches will hold up next season 
  • The coronavirus pandemic has truly decimated the football calendar 
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Premier League clubs are reconsidering plans to replace their pitches this summer, which could result in poor surfaces next season. 

A number of sides have taken the decision not to replace their turf amid the chaos triggered by coronavirus. 

It is usually common for top clubs to spend vast sums at the end of each campaign on replacing their pitches.

Premier League clubs are revising plans to rip up their pitches this summer due to coronavirus

The process takes 50 to 60 days to complete and is carried out in time for the August kick-off of the following season.

But sources at various clubs have disclosed that they have already shelved such plans due to uncertainty over how much of a gap will exist between the end of this season, if it is restarted, and the new campaign. 

The situation has raised concerns over how pitches will hold up next season, especially if there is a harsh winter. 

A source at one leading club said: ‘It’s a difficult situation. The feeling is that everything should be fine. It is not necessary to change pitches every year but a lot of clubs do.’

Clubs are concerned about the gap between the end of next season and the new campaign

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