Premier League and EFL accused of ‘lack of leadership’ by DCMS over financial bailout ‘fiasco’

EFL chairman Parry was criticised by Knight

“We are disappointed that you have not yet come to an agreement that will ensure the survival of football clubs through the current pandemic,” Knight said. “There is enough money in the game to save football clubs but we are beginning to doubt whether there is enough leadership to make that happen.

“We urge you to stop squabbling and come to an agreement. Fans have been waiting too long. We expect, and the fans deserve, better.

“This is not the first time a DCMS Committee has heard compelling evidence of failings at every level of football governance. Football is again failing to save itself. The DCMS Committee made it clear before the 2019 election that if the football authorities failed to reform, or concluded that a statutory framework was necessary to reform, we would recommend that the government immediately brought forward legislation to ensure a fully independent system of football licensing and regulation.

“There is now a pressing need for the government to consider acting. The current fiasco underlines the need for change, but the immediate task must be to secure ailing football clubs.”

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