Peter Crouch names Man Utd’s "parchey" players who will be "WhatsApping" Ten Hag

Former Liverpool and Tottenham ace Peter Crouch believes Manchester United captain Harry Maguire and midfield enforcer Scott McTominay are the “parchey” Red Devils who "WhatsApped” incoming boss Erik ten Hag.

Ten Hag revealed that a number of United players have already reached out to him over WhatsApp, welcoming him to the club and probably trying to make a positive first impression. And who could blame those United players who have all played a role in a truly woeful campaign for the club?

United players were lucky to secure a place in the Europa League as they would have been dragged into the Europa Conference League had West Ham beat Brighton and Hove Albion. And with a huge clear-out expected to take place at Old Trafford under Ten Hag, Crouch believes he knows who the first players to reach out to the 52-year-old were.

“Erik ten Hag, the WhatsApp messages, he is obviously on his way to the club and someone tweeted me saying ‘a couple of the boys have WhatsApped Ten Hag saying you know, welcome to the club,’ Crouch said to ‘That Peter Crouch Podcast’. “What I was thinking was, who do you think that is?

“I know it’s a bit of a ‘whodunnit’ again, but I’ve got my suspicions…I had a few people say to me it was either Maguire or Scott McTominay.” A welcome message from Maguire could be plausible, considering the criticism the £80m defender has received this season.

While Ten Hag did not guarantee the armband would remain on Maguire’s shoulder, he did say the England international is a “great player” who has done a “great job” at United. And if Crouch’s recollection of a football team bracing itself for a new manager is anything to go by, then the United aces who have reached out to Ten Hag may have put themselves in a promising position.

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“I just thought back to my day when a new manager came in and you didn’t have any correspondence whatsoever, apart from the first training session when you all came in, he’d give a speech and you all shook hands,” Crouch added.

“I know it’s a bit parchy this episode, but the ones who have messaged him, you feel they have got a one-up on the ones who haven’t. When you have a new manager the amount of parching goes up ten-fold, it’s unbelievable.

“I remember at Stoke when Mark Hughes got the bullet and got sacked, a new manager comes in, and, oh my word, the gym was bustling, it was like the Tube at 8:30 in the morning.”

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