Pele: Brazil football legend in hospital but not seriously ill, manager confirms

Pele is in hospital with with an undisclosed health problem

Brazil legend Pele has been in hospital for six days with an undisclosed health problem but the 80-year-old is not seriously ill, it has been confirmed.

Brazilian news site Globo said Pele was undergoing routine examinations in Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein Hospital when the undisclosed issue was detected.

But the Brazil great’s business manager Joe Fraga said there was no cause for concern.

“Full battery of tests/scans/colonoscopy/blood etc,” Fraga wrote in a message. “He doesn’™t do everything in one day.”

The scare comes a few days after Pele was forced to refute reports he had fainted.


In an Instagram message accompanied by a smiling picture of the three-times World Cup winner, Pele wrote: “Guys, I didn’t faint and I’m in very good health.

“I went for my routine exams, which I had not been able to do before because of the pandemic. Let them know I don’t play next Sunday!”

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